‘On My Block’ Renewed for final season on Netflix

On My Block Final season:

On my Block, the Final season is announced, premiered in 2018 all set for its fourth season. This coming of age comedy has gained lots of appreciation for all 3 seasons. The story follows 4 Teenage friends living their lives, facing adolescent problems, testing their bonds in good and bad times.

After season 3 ended, it left viewers with many unanswered questions. So the next season is surely expected. And Season 4 is announced on 29th January. But what fans of the series didn’t know as this will be On my Block Final season.

We understand, as a fan of the series we all want more seasons. However, it is better not to drag stories because viewers will eventually lose interest.

Now The squad Return from the final season, let’s find how to set our expectations bar for this finale season.

What to Expect From Season 4, i.e, On my Block Final season?



Like any other show, if you are getting next season show will probably end with some cliffhanger. So it can increase viewership for next season. Season 3 of my block ended on such a note, viewers are still looking for answers to what exactly happened, so Season 4 which is on my Block Final season is expected to take on from that. And as, it will be a finale season we expect a happy ending.

On which Note on my Block, season 3 Ended?

On my Block final season announced for Netflix, let’s have a brief recap of season 3.

Season 3, the last episode is all about changes. We have noticed that Their friendship is not that same and the four friends are kind of drifting apart. Miscommunication between friends played a vital role in this situation. As the story goes on, it is 2 years later… Already and they are not same. Assuming Oscar is dead and trapped in their own relationships. All 4 friends are living different lives. The main highlight of the last episode was Cesar, trapped in Santos. As we mentioned earlier on my Block, the final season might have some happy ending as we expect all friends to reconcile.

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