Just a couple of days are left before the launch of much awaited OnePlus Nord iconic AR Launch. A breaking news came in that break the smartphone enthusiasts. One plus Nord will come loaded with Google Calling and Messaging Apps. Although OnePlus smartphones are already know for a loads of in-built apps in the phone. But this is new as this time OnePlus has reached a third party to install their operating apps in their new launch.

The company has been revealing a liitle at a time, since its launch date announcement. The latest revelation came this afternoon via official sources that OnePlus will use Google messaging and calling app as basic. Also, the Nord series will be loaded with much known video calling app, Google Duo. The smartphone maker though have not provided any explanation to this, but they stated that Google apps would provide Smoothest experience to users.

The Nord Series boasts a much faster and updated Snapdragon 765G processor chip, so lagging is not an issue for this change. But to capture more customer, friendly UI and “used too” factor of most population, is the guns the company have been loading.

The company aims to create a smartphone ever since it’s “new beginnings”, concept came in. The Nord series is speculated to be the one loaded with features and an affordable price tag. The OnePlus Nord, smartphone is also speculated to be more fluent in its operating. Firstly, because of advanced chipset. Secondly, the 5G support it offers and thirdly because it is updated with latest versions of Google Apps.

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The OnePlus may have thought this through about using Google apps as basic, since it’s based on Latest Android platform. The One Plus Nord is now creating the hype, to which the world is looking for .

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