OnePlus Earbuds Going Wireless July 2020

The OnePlus wireless earbuds July 2020 release is a lesson on online shopping. Any shopping, really.

OnePlus currently has tens of mobile phone models on the market, and tends to release an audio product with the release of its phones. The July 2020 release teasers have been no exception, dropping hints of OnePlus Z smartphone and a long-awaited set of earbuds.

OnePlus Earbuds?

Due to the revolutionary Apple AirPods 1st Gen in December of 2016, those who are exposed to Apple users in their daily lives. Who began to notice little white nubs poking out of people’s ears.

The design of the AirPods was essentially Apple’s iconic trademark corded earphones, without the cords. They came with a charging box capable of holding a charge to recharge to pods on the go.

Soon after the AirPods were released, smartphone and audio companies alike began to replicate the cute, easily-dropped-on-the-floor AirPods design.

But why does this matter?

Buds? Pods? Ears? Air?

Before I go any further, let’s address the language of ear audio accessories. For the sake of clarity, we’ll use wireless earbuds, wirefree earbuds, and true wireless earbuds (TWEs).

Wireless earbuds refer to any accessory without wires connecting the audio to the device itself. It may contain a connective wire between individual buds. Meanwhile, wirefree earbuds and TWEs have grown hugely popular, and mean exactly the same thing. As with AirPods, there are no visible wires connecting a device or individual buds.


Since December of 2013, Chinese smartphone company OnePlus promises to combine the best of both worlds. With a mission to deliver high-end quality at a lower price compared to competitors, OnePlus encourages us to “Never Settle” for poor quality for ourselves. How sweet is that?

How is OnePlus doing on its high-quality, low price dreams?

In April of 2020, the company launched the OnePlus Wireless Bullets Z wireless earbuds alongside mobile installments OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. But, OnePlus enlisted the great Robert Downey Jr. as part of its unique ad campaign, so was there really much of a profit?

Cellular phones and Marvel icons aside, OnePlus slays us with one thing: battery. Since the release of Dash Charge with the OnePlus 3 and 3T, OnePlus has kept up with our demands as phone-drainers. Since then, OnePlus has introduced Warp Charge and Warp Charge 30T, delivering 70% of power to a completely dead phone within 30 minutes.

Lucky for us, like the OnePlus Bullets Z (Rs. 1,999), the coming OnePlus wireless earbuds will tote Warp Charge 30 charging capacity. And with these guys gaining a 10 hour charge in 10 minutes of charging, the OnePlus wireless earbuds of July are unlikely to disappoint.

Since the pre-release days of the OnePlus Bullets Z, fans have craved the cutesy, TWE design of the AirPods. However, OnePlus surprised fans, perhaps to their dismay, with a look similar to its previous earphones. With a conjoining wire, affectionately known as the “neckband” style. All three models come with multiple sizes of replacement silicone tips, and are easily compatible with all phones, especially OnePlus.

Is it a Splurge?

While fans are only guessing on a price point for the OnePlus TWEs, it really depends on what they’ll be getting.

One speculation is that if the earbuds aren’t built with noise-cancellation technology, prices could fall around Rs. 7,100. If they do, they could be between Rs. 10,800 and Rs. 14,300, still more affordable than similar products of its kind.

Power vs. Performance

Still, for as long as AirPods and the others have been around, they haven’t heard about the juice.

The most recent model of AirPods, the AirPods Pro (Rs. 24,900), feature adjustments. As per reviews, the AirPods sustain about 5 hours of playback time, and another 4 hours after 15 minutes of charging in the charging box. Unlike Apple’s first model, they are water resistant, with silicone tips for added comfort. Meanwhile, less stylish OnePlus Bullets never doubted their comfort, user-friendly ways.

Meanwhile, Realme, a rival deeply similar to OnePlus, released its own “unique” earbuds in December of 2019 in three colors, with similar but slightly lower battery performance than the Apple AirPods. And, while the color options are new, reviews of Realme’s wireless buds find much to be improved as far as sound quality and touch function performance.


I am not qualified to tell you what to buy. Nor is anyone else, as they are not you.

Never let a device drive your wallet. If you do, you need to wonder, who’s really doing the shopping?

All I’d say is that as long as the “neckband” style of earphone has been around, it has never slung 10 hours of power in a single charge. I can also say that while trends come, and go, and get lost in the laundry, performance, and saving money, are virtues that will never go out of style.

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