OnePlus TV the New Affordable

OnePlus TV is the TV branch of the OnePlus technology company. This branch of the company launched last year with its first smart TV. However, that TV was geared for the high-end luxury market. In other words, only those who had a large budget could buy the TV. On July 5, 2020 that will change, when one plus TV launches its new affordable smart televisions. One plus is launching three new televisions to series the U and Y. As opposed to the original Q series television these new three televisions will be significantly cheaper more affordable. At the same time, they will retain many of the features the Q series is known for. One plus after a year of promises has finally launched their affordable smart TVs.


OnePlus TV is a branch of the Chinese smart phone company OnePlus. The company was founded in 2013. Over the seven years of its existence is most numerous more and other devices. OnePlus currently provides services over 30 countries around the world. The company first announced that it was branching off into the smart TV market in 2018. This was when they found it a OnePlus TV branch. The branches first martinis were launched in 2019 a year after its founding. The original smart televisions launch was quite impressive technology wise and had the price tag to match. OnePlus TV is a change that in early July 2020 with the launch of their affordable smart televisions.

Q series

OnePlus TV launched its first series of smart televisions in 2019. This was the Q series Smart television. It comes in two variations the standard and the pro both of which are 55-inch screen televisions. Though the only real difference is that the pro has four additional speakers. The Q series has an impressive list of features and specifications. The most useful feature it has is its operating system Android 9.

Any user familiar with Android OS operating system and operate the TV relatively easily. Additionally, the TV also has access to Google play store. So, it should be possible to download directly onto the TV. Just imagine being able to play Candy Crush on a 55-inch screen. The OS has been modified to include OxygenPlay which gives quick and easy access to several streaming services. Also, with the OnePlus connect app the TV is able to seamlessly integrate with a OnePlus smart phone.

The specs on the Q series are also quite impressive. Boasting an HD screen with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and including the company’s gamma color chip. As a result, the screen produces incredibly high quality and focused images. The sound quality with a 50W speaker system is clear and immersive. This is achieved through the use of Dolby audio tuning program. The Q series also boasts numerous connection points that allow for connectivity to new and old devices. It should be possible to connect satellite box and a DVD player, without special adapters. As a result of all the features and specs that the Q series is an impressive television. Unfortunately, its price tag at Rs.69,900 is also quite impressive. Only customers with very high budgets could afford to purchase the Q series. As a result, OnePlus TV developed to portable Smart TV series.

U series

The OnePlus TV U series Smart television is an affordable variation of the Q series. This series only comes in one variant. also do U series while not as expensive in the areas of features and specs is still very impressive. It maintains the same resolution and color systems as the Q series if slightly reduced. That being said it’s can still produce a visual image the equal of most movie theaters/Cinemas around the world. Though only producing a sound system of 30W it’s still able immersive projected the sound to all viewers.

It also incorporates the Android 9 system as well as OxygenPlus. The U series is also capable of accessing Google play store and Google assist. Another feature it retains is OnePlus connect which allows it to interface with a OnePlus smart phone. Its main drawback from the Q series is a reduction in connection points, though it still maintains variety. All this means that it is cheaper than the Q series with the standard price of Rs.59,999. Though for the initial online launch that will be reduced to Rs.45,999. While this is more affordable than the Q series is still not quite in the affordable.

Y series

The Y series is OnePlus TV true affordable smart TV. It maintains most of the smart programming features of the previous series. This includes using the Android 9 operating system and OxygenPlus. Additionally, the Y series is still able to interface with OnePlus smart phones as the previous series could. The televisions are also capable of accessing the Google play store and Google assistance. Basically, the Y series provides all the electronic features of the previous series. The primary difference for the Y series is the specifications. The series is released in a 43-inch and 38-inch variations which resulted in slight differences between. One of these differences is in the resolution screen, the 43-inch screen has a 1920 x 1080 resolution. The 38-inch screen on the other hand has a lower resolution of 1366 x 768.

Otherwise both screens managed to maintain the same level of image quality. In fact, the quality is almost as good as the U series, minus the high definition. The sound system is also reduced to just 20W however it maintains the Dolby audio tuning system. This allows it to continue to produce sharp clear and immersive audio despite only having two speakers. As far as specifications go is lacking in the connection ports. The port numbers have been reduced to the bare minimum no longer are back with all with older electronics. OnePlus TV Y series are both affordable with the 43-inch initial selling price being Rs.22,999 and the 38-inch being Rs.19,999. With all the features both possess definitely a bargain price.


OnePlus TV in two years has managed to branch out into all price ranges of the Smart television market. The Q series provides a high-end luxury smart television that provides an impressive in-home theater experience. The U series provides high-quality television with interactive smart features at a lower cost than the Q series. While at the same time maintaining nearly the same quality as that series. The Y series will probably corner the market on smart affordable televisions. It maintains all the electronic features the other series possess. At the same time provides a high quality visual and audio experience usually not found in affordable televisions. If OnePlus TV U and Y series live up to the Q series, they will dominate the market. Now that OnePlus TV has released its affordable TVs it’ll be interesting to see what they do next.

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