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We see so many free and paid opportunities online these days. From free webinars to paid internships. Infosys has opened up various opportunities for university students during these uncertain times. And Infosys has finally launched an online program for university students once again this year.

During this time of the year, last year, Infosys launched its E-learning platform, i.e, InfyTQ. One need not run after paid certification courses when Infosys is providing it for free. And it is for everyone keen to learn. Most of the freshers join Infosys because of the world-class training program. And this platform, ‘InfyTQ’, was for the Infotians before. But now it is available for everybody.

 During this lockdown period, so many people find their interest in polishing their digital skills. At such a time, one can learn so much more from the various platforms. Infosys has launched a global program ‘Ideathon’ consisting of valuable courses that you can learn for free.


‘Ideathon’ will be a program of eight weeks. This online program for university students is an initiative to help the global academic community. It will help overcome the loss of learning because of the problems caused by the COVID 19 situation. The program will induct around 2000 participants worldwide.

This initiative is also known as ‘Summer of Ideas’. And Infosys’ digital learning platform Wingspan is its main support. The initiative will allow university students from around the world to receive mentorship. The Infosys team will divide participants into teams of five. They will have to work on ideas based on 10 themes related to emerging technologies.

The students will not only have their ideas refined by Infosys mentors but also have the chance to present their ideas before experts. Students from different countries will be able to work together. This will enable the exchange of ideas within students belonging to different geographical regions.


“Infosys and IE University have been partners in academic achievements for a long time now. and we are full of excitement to be a partner in the Infosys Summer of Ideas initiative. Not only will this help our students, but also thousands of students globally. This will give them a great opportunity to spend their summer in a valuable learning environment,” said Professor Gonzalo Hilbck, Executive Vice President, of IE University.

 “According to estimates by UNESCO, COVID-19 has affected about 1.2 billion students globally. The Infosys ‘Summer of Ideas’ will deliver a useful summer learning opportunity. Especially for students affected by this pandemic. Infosys has always believed in lifelong learning as a key strategy for our employees. Today, over 200,000 of our employees use our in-house digital learning platform to reskill and up-skill themselves, and we are confident that Infosys Wingspan will empower students with great user experience, as well as skills that will be even more relevant in the post-COVID world,” said Pravin Rao, Chief Operating Officer of Infosys.


To gain access to the free courses, you can visit or download the InfyTQ app on Google Play Store. All the courses are accessible there as well. There are some amazing foundation courses.

One thing that nobody can deny is the valuable courses that they have made available on the internet for FREE. However, most of the courses available are related to programming languages like python and data structures. And digital basics are also something that they have covered, like the Internet of things, or commonly known as IoT.

There are courses related to soft skills as well which will be added soon. In just a year, many students have benefitted from this platform. There are exciting weekly challenges, aptitude testing projects that will be uploaded soon on the website. You can also access the alumni stories to get a review of the quality of the courses taught here.


Most of us are interested in certification courses. Certification is one important and major program which helps one to get a job at Infosys. On clearing the examination, the industry gives you a chance to become an Infosys certified software programmer and get a chance to get interviewed for a job at Infosys.

The Infosys certification is an examination which tests one’s readiness to fit into the IT industry. Many people were concerned about the final round because of the COVID 19 pandemic. It had to be postponed. The final round of certification further tests one’s in-depth knowledge of Database Management and Programming. To read more about the exam, visit InfyTQ.

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