Overlord Season 4 Release Date, Plot, Characters, spoilers, and many more!

Overlord Season 4 Release Date: Are you a fan of the anime series Overlord Season 4?  Have you been patiently waiting for the release of Overlord Season 4? Don’t worry! Here’s everything you need to know about Overlord Season 4. For those who are not familiar with Overlord, I got your back.

Release Date: Overlord Season 4 will Release on December 27, 2020.

Overlord Season 4 is based on the Japanese dark fantasy novel. Kugane Maruyama is the writer of the novel, and So Bin is the Illustrator. Also, Overlord has a manga adaptation. It was adapted by Satoshi Oshio with art by Hugin Miyama. Because of the novel’s popularity, Madhouse studio adapted the Overlord television series. It has already shown 3 seasons with 13 episodes each. Likewise, the Madhouse studio released two movies in Japan. The movie is based on the first season of the television series. Overall, Overlord is a story about the psychology of a creature beyond its capacity without enough power.

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Release Date: Overlord Season 4 will Release on December 27, 2020.

Season’s Review: Overlord Story Line

To relate if what will happen in Overlord Season 4, let’s have a recap on the first three seasons.
For those who haven’t watched yet, this is especially for you.
Overlord Season 1: “End and Beginning”
(Aired from July 7, 2015, to September 29, 2015)
DMMORPG is a famous online game otherwise called as YGGDRASIL. However, after twelve years of being on top, it is about to shut down. So, Momonga, a salaryman plays one of its powerful characters. He is the master of the dark guild, Ainz Ooal Gown, and decides to stay until its last minute. Surprisingly, when the time came, it seems everything was normal. His character was still alive. And other characters appear to have developed personalities of their own. This leads him to investigate and explore the mystery.
Overlord Season 2: “The dawn of Despair”
 (Aired from January 9, 2018, to April 3, 2018)
As a continuation, Ainz Oal Gown is still trying to solve the mysteries in his new world. He then sent a daily command as the ruler of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Likewise, he maintains his counterpart, Momon. This is his way to gather funds and to get more information on the ground. Yet, Ainz has become cautious about the dangers of Slane Theocracy. And he got worried about the possibility of other YGGDRASIL players to exist. This is because of the disastrous brainwashing of one of his servers. Meanwhile, his loyal guardians prepare for the next step in their campaign. Albedo, Demiurge, and others planned for Nazarick’s First War.
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Overlord Season 3: “A Ruler’s Melancholy”
(Aired from July 10 to October 2, 2018)
After months of planning, Ainz and the Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick are ready to fight. They want to dominate the world into action. However, as Ainz Ooal Gown strengthens his war machines, other empire lives normally. Carne Village, which Ainz once saved from war continues to progress. Although there were threats along the way, they were able to manage. Likewise, the northeastern Baharuth Empire, a certain bloody emperor, focused on Nazarick’s rising power. The real action happened in this season. A lot of heroes died and nations rise.

The Question?


As everyone is patiently waiting for some good news, here’s the latest update.
Release Date: Overlord Season 4 will Release on December 27, 2020.
During the ‘Animagic 2019’ gathering in Germany, the scriptwriter gave a positive response. He discussed the possibility of Overlord Season 4. He said, “extremely, likely” that it would be produced. Besides, even the Director confirmed it. When he was asked regarding the possibility of Overlord Season 4 Release Date, he responded with a smile. He replied that it depends on the coordination between higher-ups and the studio.
So, the people behind the series have confirmed the coming of Overlord Season 4.

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When is the Release Date of Overlord Season 4?

Well, this is the biggest question. Supposedly, Overlord Season 4 should be out last July 2020 as announced by the producers of the show. However, this global pandemic has really affected everyone. This is the reason why the release date was moved many times.
There has been some news circulating about the release of Overlord Season 4. Many hope that it will be launched between September and December 2020. Others say at least early to the middle of 2021. But, we have to wait for the official announcement yet. Let’s be patient because of our current condition.
However, let’s hope that the release will be earlier than expected.

Overlord Season 4: Expected Plot

In Overlord season 3, we saw that Ainz found the Sorcerer Kingdom with Albedo and the other pledging alliance to him. In Overlord Season 4, we can expect that Ainz will show more of his capabilities. He will prove his worth. Besides, he will overcome all problems coming to his way. Likewise, he will succeed in governing the Sorcerer Kingdom. Although he is trapped inside a video game, he will make sure that he is still the king. Moreover, Aniz will kill his enemies so that he can build a stronger empire.
This season will probably show more action and power so that Ainz can lead the Sorcerer Kingdom successfully. This will give more excitement and thrill to the viewers of the show.

Overlord Season 4: Cast

To give more improvement to the show, new characters might enter. But most of the characters of the Overlord Series returned in the previous season. Thus, there is a high chance that the same characters and voice cast will come back for Overlord Season 4.

These are some of the popular characters of Overlord Season 4

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Ainz Ooal Gown- Chris Guerrero
He is the main character of the series otherwise called “Momon.” In the New World of Overlord Season 4, he is Sorcerer King of The Sorcerer Kingdom. He is a dark warrior and leader of darkness with the most powerful magic cast. Besides, he is the strongest adventurer in E-Rantel.
Albedo- Elizabeth Maxwell and Yumi Hara
Tabula Smaragdina created Albedo. Tabula originally programmed Albedo to be a slut, but Momonga changed her personality. Instead, he changed her setting to be madly in love with him.
She is the Overseer of the Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. She is in charge of the general management and supervises the activities of the seven Floor Guardians.
Shalltear Bloodfallen- Felecia Angelle and Sumire Uesaka
She is a true vampire and a Floor Guardian of the first and third floors in Nazarick. Furthermore, as a true vampire, Shalltear takes her position seriously. But, she has no patience or tolerance for failure. Thus, she often gets angry in any undesirable situation. Peroroncino created her. He made her as one of the subjects of his own desires.
Aura Bella Flora
Bukubukuchagam created Aura. His creator based her personality on the circumstances in real life. Aura Bella is the twin sister of Mare Bello Fiore. Moreover, is a dark elf and one of the twin Floor Guardians on the 6th floor in Nazarick. As a beast tamer and ranger, she is capable of controlling magic beasts and is a master of guerrilla warfare.
Mare Bello Flore- Megan Shipman and Yumi Uchiyama

Release Date: Overlord Season 4 will Release on December 27, 2020.

Mare Bello is a dark elf and the twin brother of Aura Bella Fiora. He is one of the Floor Guardians on the 6th floor of Nazarick.
Just like his sister Bukubukuchagama also created him. He created them to have a sibling-type relationship. This made him submissive to his twin sister.
In terms of personality, Mare is the opposite of Aura because he has a shy and weak personality. Likewise, he often stutters when speaking and often feels nervous during conversations. Moreover, He has much interest in collecting plant species, unlike his sister who likes collecting beast. Finally, he is observant of his master’s movement and even praises him.
Demiurge- Jeff Johnson and Masayuki Kato
Ulbert Alain Odle created Demiurge as one of the Foor Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. In Overlord Season 4, Demiurge will still be a demon. He is one of the cruelest members in Nazarick and enjoys great sufferings of other races. Furthermore, he performs magic experiments on the prisoners sent to him. He even considers them as nothing but a toy for his own satisfaction. On the positive side, Demiurge has a more artistic side to him. He is a skilled carpenter and artisan, with hobbies of crafting beautiful works of art.
Moreover, in the New World, Demiurge will continue to make allies with other nations. This will help them further their interest against Nazarick.

Release Date: Overlord Season 4 will Release on December 27, 2020.

Warrior Takemikazuchi created Cocytus. He is the Floor Guardian of the 5th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. In his setting, his creator programmed him to be smart. He has every sort of knowledge on all of the 41 Supreme Beings’ Divine Weapons. As a Floor Guardian, he is in-charge of Nazarick’s martial defense. Also, Cocytus is a loyal servant to the point that he follows every order to him.
There are more characters from the past season to have their come back. But, let’s expect new members to enter the show.
For online gamers, you can probably enjoy this series. The story is somewhat related to online games. So you can easily relate and understand the flow of the story. Thus, try watching this. Not only for gamers but everyone in the online world.
If you haven’t watched the series, this could be a good chance for you to start watching. It would be good timing when season 4 arrives.

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