Megalo Box Season 2 : Release date , trailer , cast , plot and other Updates

Megalo Box Season 2: Release date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and updates ( Spoilers Ahead!! )

Megalo Box is a Japanese anime series released in the year 2018. It is based on the manga Ashita no Joe. Till now it consists of Season1 with 13 episodes, the first episode being aired on 6th April 2018. It is a series that comes under the animation genre. It was created when Ashita no Joe completed its 50 years. It is an anime directed by Yo Moriyama along with screenwriters Katsuhiko Manabe and Kansaku Kojima. Music is composed by a famous hip-hop artist. Manual. The series English version is available on Amazon prime video and Netflix.

Fans are requested to wait a little longer for Megalo Box season 2 it will be released before December 29, 2020.

Till then let’s understand what the firsts season of Megalo Box was all about !!!

megalo box
Megalo Box Season 2


The story is set up in a futuristic world where the rich and wealthy world belongs to the licensed citizens while the outskirts belong to the unlicensed citizens in Japan. Here, Megalo boxing is considered to be a sport popular amongst people. It is a sport similar to boxing with only one difference that is people in Megalo boxing wear metal frames that help the boxers to attack their opponent with a force which is lethal.

The story revolves around a young illegal underground fighter named Junk Dog, who is coached by Gansaku Nanbu. It is Gansaku who directs him when he has to lose a fight. One fine evening he rashes his motorcycle into the Head of Shirato Group, Yukiko Shirato. She is the one who takes care of the Megalonia tournament. Further, Junk Dog gets into a fight with Yukiko’s bodyguard Yuri, also a top Megalonia boxer. The fight is stopped by Yukiko. But Yuri seeks an opportunity to beat Junk Dog.

Finally, Yuri meets him at the underground ring where Junk Dog is beaten by him. Yuri then tells him to fight against Yuri in Megalonia. In order to do so, Junk Dog requires a proper citizenship I.D. as well as top rankings in Megalo Box to qualify for the same. It is then when Gansaku, the coach asks a mob boss named Fujimaka to forge a fake I.D. for Junk Dog by the name of Joe. Then, Gansaku and Junk Dog are given 3 months to put in their hard work in order to pave their way to Megalo Box top rankings and further to get a chance to fight in Megalonia.


According to “The 50th Anniversary Ashita no Joe tribute anime Megalo Box managed to do something few reboots are able to do (successfully). It embodied the spirit of its predecessor while still delivering a rather unique story. Both fans of Joe and new anime fans will find something to love about this fitting send-off to one of Japan’s most iconic fighting anime series. Megalo Box doesn’t just roll with the punches, it doles out some serious blows as it ushers in a new age of fighting anime!  ”

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Now let’s see what’s in store for the super excited fans regarding the upcoming season of Megalo Box !!!


Trailers give you a sneak peek about the upcoming story, changes in cast, etc regarding the series. They are basically designed to give viewers an insight into what’s coming for them in the future! So, further wasting any of your time lets break to you that the official trailer for Season 2 of Megalo Box is released on Youtube.

To watch the Official Trailer Now:- Megalo Box Season 2 Trailer

Release Date

Till now, there is no official announcement with regard to the release date of Megalo Box Season 2. But, the production for the same has been announced. It is being assumed that Megalo Box Season 2 might be released during the late 2020s. Also, at the same time looking at the COVID-19 pandemic which has delayed releases of various other shows as well, it is now being said that Season2 of Megalo Box might be released during the initial months of 2021.


Further, coming to the plot,

After watching the trailer various assumptions are made regarding the plot for Season 2. It is being assumed that the story would start from where it ended in Season 1. It would follow the plot where Joe with his unique way of fighting is going to top Megalonia, a modern boxing tournament in Dy Stophin society. It is also being said that Joe would be taking up a challenge to attract top fighters from all over the world.


Megalo Box has a whole lot of characters who are main for the series. Here’s an overview of all the main characters of the series.

Junk Dog / Joe – is a young illegal underground fighter. He is the protagonist of the series. He is coached by Gansaku Nanbu, who makes him fight in fixed matches. However, his life takes a turn after he meets Yuri, a top Megalonia Boxer. It is Yuri who challenges him to compete with him in the Megalonia tournament. Junk Dog takes up the challenge and in the end beats Yuri.

Gansaku Nanbu – Gansaku is a junk Dog’s coach and he plays a major role in his life. He makes sure that Junk Dog enters the Global Megalonia tournament .he also gets a fake I.D .made for Junk Dog by the name of Joe.

Yuri– Antagonist of the series. Yuri is the top Megalonia boxer and also Yukiko’s bodyguard. After Junk Dog crashes into him, he seeks out for him and later, defeats him in an underground fight. Then, he challenges Junk Dog to compete with him in the Megalonia tournament, which is accepted by junk Dog bravely.

Yukiko Shirato – She is the head of the wealthy Shirato group which oversees the Megalonia tournament. Her bodyguard is Yuri, who is a champion of the Global Megalonia tournament.

For more updates stay tuned !!

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