Release Date: Konosuba season 3 will be released on January 17, 2021 on Netflix and Anime Lab . Watch Trailer Know Plot , Cast and more..


Konosuba is a popular anime show that is adapted after a novel series that is known by the same title. It is a satirical comedy with the most interesting narrative. Natsume Akatsuki is the author of the novel series while the publisher is Kadokawa. KonoSuba Light Novel currently has 16 released volumes and 12 specials in Japan as of March 2020. and here we will be knowing about the Konosuba season 3 release date also so keep reading.

Release Date: Konosuba season 3 will be released on January 17, 2021, on Netflix and Anime Lab.

KonoSuba commenced in 2012 as a Web Novel series. Natsume Akatsuki made its first publication on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website. It subsequently drew the attention of Kadokawa who published it with illustrations from Kurone Mishima.  The Kadokawa Shoten’s Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko Imprint subsequently published it on October 1, 2013. KonoSuba Light Novel immediately became a sensation making huge and astronomical sales. The series has made a whopping sale of over 8.5 million copies; both foreign and domestic sales inclusive. Based on this, analysts are of the opinion that Konosuba season 3 ought to be out soon!

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Yen Press announced acquiring rights to translate Konosuba into English from its original Japanese in May 2016. So far, Yen Press has translated 11 volumes with 2 specials. As it stands, the translation is currently 5 volumes behind.


Studio Deen adapted KonoSuba from the manga while the manager of the anime is Takaomi Kanasaki. The manga in turn was adapted from an original light novel series. The series goes by the name, ”Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo”, in Japanese. And the English version is known as, ”Kono Suba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World”. The series is available on Netflix, Anime Lab, and other video channels.

KonoSuba’s adaptation received tremendous applause from both fans and critics. The anime has garnered a huge fan base both nationally (Japan) and internationally.

KonoSuba’s manga adaption commenced in October 2014 with Illustration by Masahito Watari. So far it has a total of 20 episodes spanning across seasons 1 and 2. Season 1 is made up of 10 episodes and season 2 also has 10 episodes. KonoSuba’s anime Season 1 ran through the winter of January 14, 2016, to March 17, 2016. And KonoSuba Season 2 ran from Jan 12, 2017, through to March 16, 2017. Thus, Konosuba season 3 is expected to come out soon!

As it stands, only the first 4 volumes of the Light Novel series have been adapted into the anime series. It is worthy of note to state that the anime skipped a few portions of the original light novel. But in most parts, the adaptation has stuck to the main story as narrated in the Light Novels.


KonoSuba’s plot is woven around Kazuma Sato. Kazuma Sato is portrayed as a “hikikomori” (shut-in) enthusiast of games, anime, and manga. Kazuma, a teenager dies unexpectedly in a traffic accident. However, he wakes only to find a goddess who proposes to have him reincarnated in an enchanting world. But Kazuma is offered only one choice; that he may only be able to come along with just one arsenal.

Kazuma grabs this offer with the condition that he defeats the Demon lord. He consequently makes his choice which is that the goddess herself should accompany him. Thus Kazuma Sato enters into a union with a party comprising of the goddess, a crusader, and a wizard in a battle against various monsters.

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Kono Suba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World

He is then catapulted to a fantasy world and his thrilling adventure begins. Fans are therefore of the opinion that for a complete package, Konosuba season 3 is a must!

The characters in this anime are grouped into three categories; the protagonists, the antagonists, and other supporting characters.


Kazuma Sato:

Kazuma is a 17year old teenager who is obsessed with games. His friend in middle school broke his heart thereby turning him into a shut-in. One day, on his way home after purchasing a video game, he assumed a fast-moving truck was about to hit a classmate. Indeed, it was but a slow-moving tractor. He attempted to save the said classmate from being hit and died as a result. Only he was later awoken by the goddess and given new duties to perform in another world.

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Kazuma Sato


Aqua is a water goddess. Her responsibility was to judge humans to send to the RPG world. However, Kazuma nominated her as his partner after she annoyed him by mockery. She has the powers of resurrection and purification and also possesses great powers against demons.


Megumin is a teenage arch- wizard from the race of the Crimson Demons. She possesses only one single attack weapon. It is a very powerful Explosion- spell that exhausts her after a single-use. She eventually falls in love with Kazuma and subsequently confesses her emotions to him. Both become discreet couples, but their secret is laid bare when Darkness confesses her love to Kazuma as well.


Darkness is a crusader who possesses tremendous offense and defense capabilities. However, she lacks the relevant accuracy to deliver a precise attack. She also falls in love with Kazuma, but Megumin counters her love upon her return to the village.


The Devil King

This is the main antagonist of the story whose ambitions are to terminate the humans. He is an immensely gifted youth who had to defeat his predecessor, the former Devil King for his position. He is served by eight generals who must all be defeated before an attack could be made on his castle.


Verdia is a former knight. He develops hostility towards Kazuma’s party when Megumin chooses his castle for target practice. He is vulnerable when up against the water.


Vanir is a part of the Devil King’s powerhouse. He had the ability to read people except those who are as powerful as he is or are stronger.


Hans is another associate of the Devil king. He has the scary ability to devour anything, thereby assuming the form of his victims.


Sylvia has the uncanny ability to modify his own body. Even though he assumes the feminine, he retained his male genitals.


Wolbach is an evil goddess full of unimaginable violence and the Devil King’s subordinates rank her very high indeed.


  • Eris
  • Chris
  • Wiz
  • Yunyun
  • Kyoya mitsurugi
  • Dust


  • Luna
  • Ruffian
  • Sena
  • Alderp Alexei Barnes
  • Walther Alexei Barnes
  • Ignis Dustiness Ford
  • Iris Belzerg Stylish Sword



  • EPISODE 1: This Self Proclaimed Goddess and Reincarnation in Another World!
  • EPISODE 2: An Explosion for This Chuunibyo!
  • EPISODE 3: A Panty Treasure in This Right Hand!
  • EPISODE 4: Explosion Magic for This Formidable Enemy!
  • EPISODE 5: A Price for This Magic Sword!
  • EPISODE 6: A Conclusion to This Worthless Fight!
  • EPISODE 7: The Second Death in This Freezing Season!
  • EPISODE 8: A Loving Hand for Our Party When We Can’t Make It Through Winter!
  • EPISODE 9: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful Shop!
  • EPISODE 10: A Final Flame for this Over-the-top Fortress!


  • EPISODE 1: Give Me Deliverance from This Judicial Injustice!
  • EPISODE 2: A Friend For This Crimson Demon Girl!
  • EPISODE 3: Peace for the Master of This Labyrinth!
  • EPISODE 4: A Betrothed for This Noble Daughter!
  • EPISODE 5: Servitude for This Masked Knight!
  • EPISODE 6: Goodbye to This Irritating Living World!
  • EPISODE 7: An Invitation to This Knucklehead!
  • EPISODE 8: Sightseeing in This Pitiful City!
  • EPISODE 9: A Goddess for This Corrupt Hot Springs Town!
  • EPISODE 10: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful Party!

Both seasons of this outstanding anime have recording resounding successes thereby receiving mixed reviews. It is arguably among the most outstanding animes available for your viewing pleasure.


Season 1 of the anime recorded huge sales rising to 14,466 Blu-ray DVDs sold! Season 2 trailed closely behind with 13,082 Blu-ray DVDs sold.

While the movie, KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson raked in over 7 Million Dollars. The Movie did exceptionally well in the theaters. Internationally, the movie earned over 3.9 Million Dollars for just its premiering outside of Japan. On the domestic scene, it grossed 1.1 Million Dollars in Japan. Summarily, therefore, the movie grossed over 5 Million Dollars. Critics are wondering how much Konosuba season 3 Release would rake upon release.

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Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! has stirred quite a controversy with the end of season 2. Critics have averred based on a trending YouTube video that season 3 had been aborted. Others based their conclusion on the contents of an appreciation note as enclosed in KonoSuba Volume 11. Natsume Akatsuki the acclaimed author said in May 2017 that the “anime collaboration had ended for now, at least.” These have given rise to various speculations and rumors making the rounds that Studio Deen had canceled KonoSuba Season 3.

From the above, we can deduce that Natsume Akatsuki only set out to thank and appreciate the animators at Studio Deen for working with him. Thus, we can safely conclude that he neither confirmed nor denied the release of KonoSuba Season 3.



Junichiro Tamura, who is a producer at Kadokawa was of the opinion that a release of the season 3 is more or less tentative. He said, “KonoSuba Season 3 has a good chance if the movie does well in theatres”. This insinuation points to the fact that the release of season 3 is dependent on the success of the movie.

Episode 10 of season 1 comes to an end suddenly invariable leaving the fans in suspense. Out of this suspense came the desire for Season 2. Episode 20 of season 2 ends no different because surely, you would want to look out for season 3. Kazuma says at the very end, “Thank you for the support, everyone! Our true battle has just begun, and this is just the beginning of our grand adventure in this wonderful world!”.

The above statements are pregnant with a couple of meanings. Kazuma’s statement is a tacit affirmation for the release of KonoSuba Season 3. This is surely not the end is the obvious meaning. Meanwhile, Junichiro Tamura’s statement ties the fate of KonoSuba anime Season 3 to the KonoSuba movie. Deductively, the producer’s official statements with regard to the release or otherwise of KonoSuba Season 3 will not be out soon. They may probably make it only after the premiere of the Crimson Legend movie.

The  KonoSuba movie, despite the long wait finally premiered on the box office. Fans have accorded it high praises. Both the reception and attendant reviews are impressive. The producers’ fears regarding its success or otherwise at the box office is rest. With the success garnered by the movie, fans can now safely conclude that possibly, KonoSuba Season 3 has already begun production.  However, anime projects require years to create, therefore producers may not actually release the anime based on the fan’s prediction. Therefore, to be on the safer side, it appears one should rather err on the side of caution. Thus, the most rational prediction of the KonoSuba Season 3 release date ought to be in 2021 at the earliest.

Therefore, even though KonoSuba Season 3 enthusiasts out of excitement are tossing release dates about and online, do not assume any as being conclusive. Moreover, the economic lockdown has made the scheduled production dates of most movies and anime shows doubtful.

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