Pairing Apple Watch

How to Pair or Unpair Apple watch with new iPhone [2020 Methods]

The Apple Watch is the most successful accessory device Apple has produced that pairs with the iPhone. Since the first version was released in April 2015 is has continually been the top-selling secondary Apple device. The Apple Watch is activated upon pairing it with an iPhone with older versions not possessing an OS until then. The newest version of the Apple Watch does have an OS installed but still requires an iPhone for set up.

While most versions are capable to a limited extent of connecting to other mobile networks or Wi-Fi they function at their best when paired with an iPhone. The Apple Watches’ primary function when connecting to the iPhone is to transfer data. The data of the iPhone transfers is usually related to fitness tracking, health capabilities, calling, and texting. As the OS of the Apple watch has advanced it has become more compatible with other apps, such as games. All this cannot be achieved until the Apple watch and iPhone are properly paired.

How to Pair Apple Watch?

An Apple Watch pairs with the iPhone through a wireless link. This allows the Apple Watch to transfer data to the iPhone which then correlated it in one of the apps. Though there are many variations of the watch some with general specifications others designed for a specific task. An Apple Watch cannot perform it designed to function until it is paired with an iPhone or wireless network.

Pairing 2020 model Apple Watches can be achieved through one of three methods. These methods are used to connect either a new Apple Watch to a iPhone or an existing Apple Watch to a new iPhone. When pairing an old watch to a new iPhone simply backup your iPhone this will also automatically backup the Apple watch. When you restore the old data onto the iPhone all the Apple watch data should be there as well.

Method 1: Automatic Pairing and Setup

The first step in the automatic pairing process will be to ensure that the iPhone is fully up-to-date. The newest model Apple watches require an iPhone that is running on iOS 13. The next step is simple, after turning on the Apple watch bring it next to the iPhone. This should trigger a response in the iPhone when it detects the wireless signal from the Apple watch. A prompt will appear on the iPhone asking “use your iPhone to set up the Apple watch” click continue. The watch will now display a unique animation and the iPhone will switch to QR scanning. Hold the iPhone above the Apple Watch and positions the Apple Watch screen in the center of the square on the iPhone. This will trigger the automatic pairing sequence.

After the sequencing two options will appear on the iPhone. The first one will be “restore from backup” which will allow you to restore any settings that were on the Apple watch from the previous iPhone. This of course assumes that all the backup data from the previous iPhone has been downloaded onto the new one.

The second option will be “set up as a new Apple Watch”. If this option is selected a series of standard choices and contracts will appear on the iPhone. All of the options available in the setup of the new Apple watch can be adjusted later. When these options screens have been completed the pairing process is finished and the Apple Watch is ready to go. This is the usual and recommended method for preparing an Apple Watch with an iPhone but occasionally it doesn’t work. In such an instance manually pairing the Apple Watch and iPhone is necessary.

Method 2: Manual Pairing with I (info) icon

The same sequence of steps as automatic pairing will be followed up to the animation on the watch. If the iPhone can’t scan or refuses to recognize the animation then it’s possible to initiate manual pairing. An icon of an “I” inside a circle should appear at the bottom right corner of the watch. Tapping this icon will trigger manual pairing.

The unique name of the Apple Watch will appear on the watch screen and also in the Apple Watch app on iPhone. The name on both the Apple Watch and iPhone. A six-digit code will appear on the Apple Watch and at the same time a prompt to enter that code will appear on the iPhone. This is to ensure that the iPhone is pairing with the correct Apple Watch. After the code is entered the process will proceed the same as the automatic pairing, from the option of restoring from a backup or setting up a new watch.

How to Unpair or reset Apple Watch?

If there is a need to unpair or reset an Apple watch there are several ways to accomplish this. First go into the watch app on your iPhone and select the Apple Watch by tapping its name. Once you do this an icon of an “i” inside a circle should appear next to the name of the watch. Tap on this to initialize the next step.

A series of options will appear on the iPhone screen, to on pair the Apple watch simply tap the “unpair Apple watch” button. After this another button will appear on the screen asking if you want to unpair the Apple watch. Once you press this button, you’ll have to enter your Apple ID password and then press the unpair button. Once the process is initialized the Apple watch will back itself up on the iPhones and reset to factory settings. The process may take some time but once completed you can pair the Apple Watch with a new iPhone.

To reset an Apple watch without unpairing it from the iPhone first open up settings on the watch. then select general and after that select reset. This will trigger an option to “erase all content and settings”. It may require you to enter your passcode at this point though that is not a standard feature. After that select the “erase All” option this will trigger a factory reset of the watch.

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