The pandemic that has been currently residing all over the world which may or may not constitute for another term of world war-3 .

The increasing rate of people affected has been growing through a rapid speed , resulting in the decrease of economy and depleting the basic necessities of a person according to the world human rights-food,house,clothes which will ultimately create a civil war like situations all over the world.

Live corona update 

The pandemic that is observed to be a regular occurrence in a course of every century , although harms humans but paves way for flourishing nature, recreation for animals and decreasing pollution , that is also giving time for earth to heal itself

The pandemic has cost thousands of lives which has restricted humans the first time in the century to stop earning money for breathing life .

People have been losing their lives without any hopes of gaining an upper hand,while the dead bodies are piling up at an alarming rate,which can be considered as a cure for earth

But is it really ? 

I hope not ! Just because humans suffers through this pandemic doesn’t formally gives a beautiful place in its appeal

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