We have so many beautiful places in this earth some places are connected to our heart it gives so much of memories, some places give so much of leanings and some places giving positive energy if you want these three things in one place means you have to go Edward Elliots Beach or Bessie.

It is in Besant Nagar Chennai Tamil Nadu India. The main beauty of Bessie is 2 extreme people live there highly rich people live a beautiful life and necessitous also live in Besant Nagar beach.

On a daily basis poor people clean and enjoy the beach rich people make dirty and enjoy the beach.

Bessie have two different face and so many historical stories let’s explore.


The maintenance of the beach is amazing, the grater Chennai corporation tie-up with local area workers and does cleaning activity on a daily basis. There is a beautifully created walking path with sitting area, in the morning so many people use to walk and sit chat with his/her buddy at that time only they are away from technology.

Greater Chennai Corporation creating Gym, kids play area and they are cleaning the sand using beach cleaner, Kids scatting area renovation is a remarkable one.

In the middle of the beach police booth is there and full area monitor by CCTV if the public needs any help means police will assist them.


Besant Nagar is very famous for food items and world-famous restaurants are there like KFC, Thalappakatti, Subway, Based on a true story, Thattu idly, Murugan idly kadai etc.. Mainly bessie famous for fresh fish fry, squid fry, prawns fry and bajji chat items.

There is a specific crowed visit for Chennai kulfi.

Holy Places

Bessie is famous for many holy places mainly velankani church, astalakshmi temple, aarupadai veedu, buddha temple, etc. every year velankani church conduct festival its celebrated 10 days. Approx 1 Lakh people came for that festival.

So many small businesspeople getting huge business at that time.

Historical Place

Broken Bridge

The bridge was built in 1967. It crosses Adyar river in 1977 bridge damaged partly due to strong currents of the river after that bridge is not repaired so it called the broken bridge.

It is an amazing to view of river and ocean stir.


This is the prominent landmark for Bessie. Its name karl schmidt memorial. Karl schmidt is a dutch sailor he has lost him life process of saving a drowning swimmer.

That beautiful environment, fresh air, blissful ocean sound, meet the different types of people, young couples, old couples, friends, cricket, yoga, etc. Everyone has to visit Bessie once in their lifetime.