Pillars of our society.


Every family has a few stalwarts, pillars of strength if you will. Some decorated men in the armed forces, some young kids in big fat corporates, some cousins who win an award.

But then some families have very unusually gifted bright women. They are gifted because they read, write, observe, cultivate, and nurture generation of geniuses and genuine human beings. Their minds stay sharp and filtered with precision and promises. They bring to life with all they achieve and allow people around them to achieve.
I am fortunate to be born in a family where their humility holds it even with money and muscle. They are bright because they twist the DNA around them. They don’t compromise tradition with time.

No man is an Island by Awareearth

I have one such grand lady in my family who I call “Nani“, known for her prowess as a woman, a mother, a friend, and a granny. She opens her thoughts with great deliberation and I find her delightful and elegant, pithy, and profound. Never has age had an affect on her. Her approach and personality, and genuine intelligence has always emerged as a doubt of age upon me.

Recently psychologists have found evidence for a paradox of well being between age and its effect.

The elderly population in India is more than in any other developed parts of the world with more and more old age homes for the elderly. And the social spending money on the care and treatment on them is trimming the emotional bond between parents and children. While the death of a youth in India is mostly because of infectious disease/casualties. Older people are more vulnerable to noncommunicable diseases.
Isolation is a common complaint of many elderly. Mostly imposed purposefully by families leading to the tragic deterioration of the quality of their lives. Many elderly people also live in fear and anxiety.
Fear of being left at the mercy of others or fear of being solely dependent on the children for something as basic as food.

Among financially independent elderly men 6-7% were supported by their partners. 85% by their children and 6% by others. And of elderly women like my grandmother, less than 20% depend on their spouses.
Let’s have empathy for the elderly who have nurtured generations and given them their thoughts, minds, perseverance, and the taste of time.

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