It would be easy to say, “Everyone should read…”, but it is an entire other platform to actually convince someone to read a book. I was never told to read The Pisces by Melissa Broder. However I was drawn to it because it was the title of my zodiac sign. I immediately picked it up and read the description. It wasn’t like my usual library, though I gave it a chance. That chance would ultimately change the way I perceive emotions, whether they be my own or those of someone else. 

The Pisces describes the summer of Lucy, a PhD student, who is dog-sitting for her sister at her home on Venice Beach. She becomes entranced by a swimmer who she often sees. And when she learns about his true identity, she tests the definition of love and all of its boundaries. 

This piece of astounding and captivating text truly awakened my senses to love. I was able to feel it, to hold it, to smell it and so on. It encased me in all the possibilities of what love could be. Anyone interested in expanding their perception of emotions should pick up The Pisces right away. 

Emotional intelligence is just as important as any other type of intelligence, and we should always try to improve our understanding of feelings and ourselves. By reading this book, I was able to analyze what I perceive love to be and how I not only receive it, but radiate it. The Pisces makes you ask yourself these questions. How do you see love? Does love have boundaries? Does love have limits? Can you love someone and still justify hurting them?

By understanding ourselves, we can open a world into a newfound knowledge. And what better to understand than your own self? 

Too many people disregard their emotions and brush them off into nothingness. Too many people believe their emotions are nothing. They are more than wrong. Reading books and other forms of art can truly open the eyes of a person who has shut off their feelings or locked them away. By just letting our eyes scan over a page that was written to move us, we can fulfill the writer’s desires and live our lives differently. We can let the power of words impact us greatly and change the way we go about each day.