PlayStation 5 Requires a Native Build to Support 120 fps, X Box Series X Only Needs a Minor Patch

Playstation 5:

PlayStation 5 Requires a Native Build to Support 120 fps, X Box Series X Only Needs a Minor Patch. The PS5 game developer Psyonix reveals the back-compatibility of previous games is not easy on PS5. However, only a small patch is needed for Microsoft’s X box series. Ps5 was recently launched and so was Xbox.

Playstation 5 vs Xbox
Playstation 5 vs Xbox

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The PlayStation 5 will support Blu-ray discs, as well as digital downloads and game streaming because  The console will be equipped with a 4K Blu-ray player, just like the Xbox. One can play games with a data capacity of 100 GB.

X Box Series X:

It’s the fastest and most powerful X Box series. You can play thousands of games with many generations of consoles. The experience of playing games is better on the X Box series. It has a custom SSD and integrated software.

Tough Competition:

There is not much difference between an Xbox series and PS5. The Xbox CPU is a bit faster whereas PS5 is a bit more powerful. Both these consoles are available on sale on Black Friday. The gamers are excited as the war between these two for whos the best, continues.

Corona  boom:

Since there is Corona, gamers have more free time to play games. Also, it’s the holiday season. The gaming industry is booming because of Corona. New games are being introduced. Also, there is a sale on Black Friday. The cost of gaming consoles, accessories, controllers, etc is also reduced.

Meanwhile, Speaking of Games,

Rockstar’s  GTA 5 came out in 2013, it is still very popular among gamers. GTA Online is a multiplayer game up to 30 players can play at the same time. Adventures include roaming while searching for competitive tasks and lots more.

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