Pokémon Forgotten: Check out these six Pokémon that didn’t make the cut

Despite the fact that Nintendo and Game Freak have tried immensely to get Pokémon in the game, the DLC has not included everyone. 800 Pokémon is a sizable amount, especially for model work. The latest game DLC didn’t bring these mons back, and we’re going to list out the most notable of losses for you to see.

Pokémon Sword and Shield have been known as the most controversial games in the franchise. With the dex cut, many people were left boycotting the game, leaving it entirely. Others held out only for the game to not be what they expected. Still, others held out for their favorite mons, some of these in favorites being listed here below.

Whether or not you love or hate the new games, here are some Pokémon that still haven’t made the cut despite the popularity.

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6. Houndoom

A demon pup that metalheads love, Houndoom has been a cult classic since his debut early on in the series. In the  anime it was well used as both a protagonist Pokémon and an antagonist tool. It’s even favored equally as a protagonist and antagonist creature. Known for it’s curved horns and immense firepower, it was a shame this Pokémon couldn’t return in the newest game DLC. It was both a front in competitive and a good Pokémon to have in your team.

5. Pidgeot

Pidgeot was always a crowd favorite. It always surprises me when I don’t see it in every update of the newest games. For many people, this Pokémon was one of the first they’ve seen or caught. Additionally, Pidgeot has always been a popular, powerful addition to any team. Additionally, it was a flyer back in the day for any trainer who needed to use Fly, back when TMs were necessary.

4. Dophan

A heavy tank fighter, it is surprising this Pokémon didn’t make the count. Not only would it fit in with Galar’s climate of sandstorms and icy areas, but this one has been popular in previous games. In a spinoff, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, Dophan was a starter you could use at the beginning of the game. It’s a real shame you can’t use it on your team today.

3. Ampharos

Ampharos is a popular electric special type attacker that’s been a staple in my, and many other, games for years. In previous games, it was actually a key part of the story. With good stats and an impressive move pool, Ampharos is a good Pokémon for any competitive team. Hopefully it will make it in the next game.

2. Mightyena

Another Pokémon that you see early on, Mightyena is a staple for the third generation. Despite the rough appearance, this Pokémon was popular for many. It doesn’t boast the best stats in the world, and maybe that’s why it was left out of this new generation party. Still, many people would be happy to see it in this next generation.

1. Usaring

Despite the fact that it is not too different from a traditional bear, this one paved the way for other bear Pokémon to come on the scene. The two other bear ones are in the new games, so why not this one? No one is exactly sure why, but we hope this two stage evolutionary line returns the next time the game gets an update.

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