Pokemon Go Down : Niantic provide update on Pokemon servers being offline


Having millions of players around the world This game can’t bear having a minor flaw or glitch. For a few hours Server for Pokemon go is Down. Niantic has addressed the issue and working on it at the moment.

This game is facing various issues in recent days. For more details about these server issues and more problems faced by this renowned Read further.


In this recent issue, players are unable to log into their accounts. Since the addition of the Kalos event, there are many Minor and major glitches that Pokemon is facing. However, Niantic is currently working on this issue. And given an update on their official Twitter handle.

Niantic will inform players as soon as this issue will resolve. Niantic updated users after a number of complaints. As players can’t launch this game at all on their devices.

See  whether players lose anything if this issue will not resolve on time :

So, the main question here is will players lose here as Pokemon Go down. As Kalos event is going on players with incense stick is eagerly waiting for this issue to be resolved. Seems like Niantic will give some extra time to players if the app will not go back to its normal self.

Other issues :

About a week ago, Screen freezing issues also came to light. However, Niantic has responded and resolved this issue on time.
we can expect this issue to be solved as soon as possible as well. Because the Niantic team is currently working on this.


What is Kalos event :

Kalos is the rarest of rare species. so catching them is the most difficult task in this game at the moment. Players are complaining more because of this event. Once lose trainers might not be able to get their hands on this rarest species. As this event is ending soon.

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  • Currently, Niantic is working on resolving issues regarding player  login as Pokemon Go Down
  • Niantic updated this will soon be resolved
  • Players will again able to play their favorite games glitch-free