Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra Trailer with New legendary looks

The Latest Crown Tundra is here with a new trailer that showcases Legendaries, different landscapes, and Pokemon Dens. The Crown Tundra is an expansion of Pokemon Sword and Shield. The trailer only reveals some minor details of the upcoming update, but it does provide some basic details such as a new look at the expansion, and the different legendaries that will be added.

This a one of the second Sword and Shield expansion releases in a span of few weeks. The Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer is released by Game Freak and Nintendo, which is a sneak peek of the updates for their fans.

Pokemon is a Japanese show its obvious that’s its trailer will also be in Japanese. Due to this audience of other languages are unable to understand even a single word from the trailer. But a true fan does not face language as a barrier. As visuals are itself enough to understand what is going on in the trailer.


Pokemon Sword and Shield both are available on only two platforms i.e. Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

Pokemon is expanding its horizon by not following its conventional pattern of releasing enhanced versions of previous games. Instead, the developers decided to release a modern-day RPG style game which is not at all similar to is previous developments.

Pokemon Sword and Shield expanding the universe

Pokemon Sword and Shield

The Crown Tundra DLC comes with a snowy southern area which is set in Scotland, which is in the Galar Region of the Pokemon Universe. The theme of the expansion will be cold landscapes, with the main focus on floating deer inspired legendary pokemon Calyrex.

Crown Tundra will also introduce some other new legendary Pokemons, including Regieleki and Regidrago, as shown in the newly unveiled trailer.

The Crown Tundra will also introduce some new wild areas for players to roam around. These new wild areas will also feature new Pokemon Dens. Fans also expect that these Dens may find some new or some returning Pokemons.

Players will expansion pass will automatically get access to the Crown Tundra upon its release.

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