Pokemon Sword & Shield Player Amazes Fans and Goes Viral with “Luckiest Egg Hatch”

Normally, those who play Pokémon are known for certain things. Nuzlocke playthroughs, record speed games, or softlocking the story, all of these are usually the reasons a streamer can keep an audience. Otherwise, shiny hunting is the main bread and butter of the Pokémon streaming world.  Also, the Pokémon community that watched this streamer was left completely stunned after the player hatched what was called one of the luckiest hatches of all time.

In 2019, the eighth generation of Pokémon came to light on the Nintendo Switch. This installment in a massively popular video game franchise attracted thousands upon thousands of viewers to Twitch channels around the world as the game gained more popularity than usual.

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Because of the time of the stream we are talking about, this streamer was using the nursery feature. Or some would call it abusing. They were using the feature to score some rare hatches. What he hatched, twice in a row, had players amazed.

A Lucky Shiny Pokémon  Encounter


The nursery feature was introduced in Gen 2 and beyond, giving a way for players to get shinies and competitive mons. Now, people use that exact feature to do the same thing it’s always done. Except sometimes, people really do luck out.

The user Trearful Harlot uploaded a video of the incredible luck to Reddit on r/PokemonSwordAndShield on December 7th, showcasing the catch. They got two shinies back to back. However, the clip shows the fan hatching one shiny, and then immediately hatching another in the next egg that he had in the inventory. It had taken him about 600 eggs, which was around eight hours of game time.

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Additionally, the first time he got a shiny was definitely lucky, but not newsworthy. However, the chances of him getting two shinies in a row? This chance was nearly 1/1000. Those odds are incredible!

Many trainers had jokes about it, because most of them were in awe. Some were jealous of the luck, because others declared that this was the luckiest encounter of Pokémon they’ve ever seen.

You can watch the hatching encounters below.

2 Shinies back to back!!!! from PokemonSwordAndShield