Pooja Hegde Controversy


In this time of corona, most of the crimes have been seen arousing and one of the most common out of them is cyber crime which has been increasing rapidly.
Recently there was an incident of an actress Pooja Hegde who was seen accusing her fellow actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu. Not being pretty enough which was later claimed as an act done by a hacker.

Who is Pooja Hegde ?

Pooja Hegde is a renowned Indian model and actress who has worked mainly in hindi and telugu movies. She also turned out to be the 2nd runner up in Miss India 2010.

She was born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Her mother tongue is tulu and in also fluent in speaking English, hindi and marathi.

She has a huge tamil fan base due to her films in tamil and is a successful actress.

Controversy between Pooja Hegde and Samantha Prabhu :

Recently there was a controversy talk about Pooja Hegde posting a picture of Samantha Ruth Prabhu with the caption being ” I don’t find her pretty at all.”

Pooja who was shocked hearing the controversy asked her technicians to work on the issue as her claim was that she wasn’t the one who has posted such a story. Then she posted a twitter story saying “She’s been informed by her team that her insta account has been hacked and her digital team was helping her with the same .”

She also requested people on not accepting any invitations or pass out any personal information out to the person asking.

After being able to successfully retrieve her account she deleted the post about Samantha and undid all the activities which were originally carried out by the hackers.

But as it is film industry and media doesn’t leave a single chance to spread such kind of controversies , it was too late as everyone knew about the incident.

Samantha’s fans came up with #PoojamustapologizeSamantha tags on twitter and different platforms.

A few hours prior to this Samantha posted a selfie of herself showing the peace symbol which displayed her classy response to the ongoing controversy.

About Samantha Ruth Prabhu:

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is an indian actress mainly working in tamil and telugu films.  She is a recipient of several awards which include four filmfare awards. She was born in Madras, Tamil nadu and was brought up in Chennai.

In addition to acting she’s seen being actively involved in philanthropic activities and has made several donations to charitable trusts.

She chose this path after being bedridden for 15 days during her documented illness in 2012, and wanted to contribute something to the society.

The studies have shown that the profile hacking cases have rapidly increased in the past decade. No one is safe from this crime, not even the celebs. Fans no longer remained fans but have become stalkers.

They have started interfering in the personal space of people where they hack their accounts and send use their profile to give vague statements.

They are unaware of the fact that they will be held accountable and guilty for performing such and such illegal tasks.

Many actors in the recent past fell prey to to the malpractices of the hackers.

Incidents happened before :

The accounts which have been hacked on insta ,twitter, Facebook or any other social media platform in the recent past is vast in number.

Many famous personalities like Amitabh Bacchan, Karan Johar, Anupam Kher, Shruti Hassan and many more were prey to this practice.

Cyber crimes are the crimes that involve the computer and a network.

They are the offences that have been committed by an individual to destroy the reputation of an individual in front of public therby harming their physical and mental health.

Cyber criminals may threaten the secrecy of a person by revealing their confidential information which has been gathered legally or illegally.

They may do it for a personal motive or just in order to have some fun out of it because youth nowadays is unaware of the consequences they might face in the near future after being part of such activities.

Women have been an easy target of such practices. They have suffered a lot because of such criminal acts.

They were not done asking justice for the devils in the society and found out that they have to fight them on the screens too.

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