Power cut in Maharashtra: Read Live updates

Maharashtra has been witnessing a power cut today. It all started at around 10 in the morning, owing to some faults in the repairing of the 400KV lines in Kalwa. The power outrage has upset the entire Mumbai Metropolitan Region(MMR). The Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport(BEST) informed of the same via their Twitter account.

The State Minister of Energy- Nitin Raut- was quick to ask the people to calm down. He also assured that the electricity board is working on restoring the power supply. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray also stated that the government is looking into all possible necessities. He also mentioned that fire fighters and other emergency services are on alert in case any untoward accident creeps up.

Maharashtra Power Cut Live Updates: 

The untoward power cut has many railways stranded midway of their route. The railways had to send in some security personnels to help the stranded passengers alight from the misdirected trains. The power cut has also disrupted the suburban train services.

Mumbaikars are not used to such power cuts since a long time now. This led to a hilarious meme fest on Twitter. Memes highlighting the Mumbaikars’ plight of experiencing a power cut are now trending all over social media.

Many of the Mumbaikars are also taking to Twitter to express their discomfort during this time. #powercut is actually trending on Twitter at this instant. Many celebrities have, thence, spoken about the same on their Twitter accounts, asking the people to calm down.

Maharashtra Power Cut Live Updates: 

On the more recent front, electricity supply to the hospitals and railways have resumed. According to BMC’s official reports, now have access to power supply. They assure that nonessential services will, too, have access to electricity supply soon. Trains have now resumed functioning.

Power supply is back at the Municipal Office, Ward A, B, H/W, R/C, S, K/E and K/W. Nitin Raut has taken to his Twitter account to let it all known. He also ensures that  work is underway to resume complete power supply.

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