Prisoners to be employed in petrol pumps in Kerala

Good news for Kerala prisoners. They will be provided with extra opportunity to earn and take some salary home. State govt has allowed the prisoners to work as employee in petrol pumps. In association with Indian Oil Corporation  the Kerala government has introduced Petrol Pumps from jail premises.

Rishiraj Singh, jail DGP’s view

Speaking to ANI, Rishiraj Singh, Jail DGP said that in petrol pumps, 15 jail inmates will be employed at each pump. The outlets of Thiruvananthapuram, Viyyur and Cheemeni jails will start to function from today. Many doubts were raised whether the prisoners will try to escape or not. But his experience working with them prove otherwise. Prisoners are already managing five cafeterias in the state and selling food prepared by them. We pay them ₹220 per day for their work and the jail inmates are running it successfully particularly at COVID-19 times.

Planning and plotting

An investment of around ₹9.5 crore to set up four petrol pumps at the jail premises has been done by Indian Oil Corporation.The share of the jail department is ₹30 lakh for setting up petroleum outlet. Lands has been leased to the Indian Oil Corporation for 30 years. About 25 % in Thiruvananthapuram, 39% in Kannur, 25% in Viyur and 25% in Cheemeni open jail have been allotted to petrol pump. The government will get ₹5.9 lakh per month as rent. Planning for expanding  the project in future is also going on by setting up a CNG and electrical charging station.

Safety training for prisoners

Rishiraj Singh said that all the prisoners will underwent training. After completing the training at IOC (India oil corporation) the prisoner will be provided with uniforms by IOC.


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