Apple confirms the iPhone 12 delayed

Apple confirms the iPhone 12 delayed and it will not launch September 2020. The announcement came during the Apple’s quarterly earnings release. Though such delays are not unheard of in Apple’s history it is still surprising. Apple’s financial reports show it has been doing very well since the pandemic began. With over $59 billion in revenue. Indeed, the company if the rumors are true is planning to release four new iPhone in the coming year. However, though the coronavirus pandemic has helped the company increase its revenue it may also be responsible for the delay. In that the case, it may be some time before the iPhone 12 goes into mass production.



Apple confirms iPhone 12 Delayed

Even though Apple confirms the iPhone 12 will be delayed no official reason was given for the delay. However, there are reports from his early as the first week in July suggesting the coronavirus pandemic is at fault. Specifically, coronavirus is affecting vital supply chain of components for the Apple iPhones. As a result, Apples plan to mass-produce the iPhone 12 have been severely disrupted. Most likely company has faced a choice between maintaining existing product lines or dropping them. In other words, Apple doesn’t have enough components for its iPhones to begin production on iPhone 12 and older model. Therefore, it had to choose between delaying iPhone 12 were completely description one of the current model lines. There is a similar possibility where the supply chain for vital components of the iPhone 12 have been disrupted.

The possibility that the delay was due to financial issues seems unlikely. This is due to the fact that Apple is up 11% in revenue from this time last year. Indeed, the company has generated quarterly revenue of over $59 billion. This is come predominantly from the increased sale of iPads and MacBook over the last four months. The reason for the increased demand of these devices has been the coronavirus pandemic. Companies that have their employees to work from home have provided these devices specifically tailored for company work. So ironically, the pandemic has been very good for Apples finances and confirms the iPhone 12 delayed by it.

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