The stimulus conflict

The stimulus conflict between Democrats and Republicans in the US. As the Coronavirus pandemic drags on the US economy continues to decline both political parties want another stimulus plan. However, the two groups have radically difference views on what is necessary in such a plan. As a result, both parties have put forward their own version of a stimulus plan.  The biggest difference between the two plans is the amount of money and how said money will be allocated. Also, differences can be explained by looking at the fundamental differences between the two groups. That is to say, one favors restoring US economy while the other seeks to fulfill personal agendas.



The stimulus conflict

The differences between the Democrats and Republicans has begun a stimulus conflict. Indeed, both political parties have for their own bills the different side of the sentence. The Democratic dominated house of representatives wrote and past their version of a stimulus bill one month ago. Their plan calls for $3.4 trillion with the majority allocated to go to state and local aid. The Republicans, who dominate the Congress, have all but rejected the Democrats Bill and kept it tied up in committee. Also, they have recently for their own version of the stimulus plan. There’s calls for $1.1 trillion the majority being stimulus checks and small-business aid. Both plans contain stimulus checks for individual household) and put a great deal of the budget in that category. However, that is the only major similarity between the two plans. All the other stimulus categories are causing conflict between the two parties.

The Democrat provides no small-business aid and instead focuses most of its budget on bailing out systems and institutions. Most of these system institutions were failing before the pandemic swept across the US, mostly through mismanagement. The Republican plan focuses most of the efforts on generating economic support and recover. The Republicans believe the backbone US economy was and has always been small businesses which have been hit the hardest. Indeed, despite the first thing the bill passed by the US focusing nearly $1 trillion in this category many failed. The result is that neither party will accept the others version of the stimulus plan. This means that until both sides are willing to negotiate the stimulus plan will be a source of conflict.

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