Pubg Mobile Pro League ( PMPL )


PUBG Pro Mobile League 2020 is a PUBG Mobile professional league for the South Asia region. The league features teams from India & South Asia. The Split will culminated at the PUBG Mobile World Championship 2020.


  • PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia (PMPL) 2020 will get underway from May 22 as top teams from India, Bangladesh and Nepal will battle it out for spots in the PUBG Mobile World League.
  • PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia will be held in two phases — the League Phase and the Finals. The Finals will be held over the weekend from June 12 to 14.
  • The PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia 2020 league stage will be held over three weeks, starting with the weekend on 22 May.
  • Three Weeks of League Play where 20 Teams are split into five groups.
  • The PUBG Mobile Pro League tournament has already started and will be spread over three weeks of League play. Every week, the event will take place on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with five matches set for each day. Every individual team will get to participate in 16 matches during a week with 48 overall matches.


  1.  A : TSM-Entity, Marcos Gaming, Team HYPE, Celtz.
  2. B : SouL, Team Tamilas, INES, VSG Crawlers.
  3. C : SynerGE, MegaStars, JyanMaara, UMExRxN.
  4. D : IND, Orange Rock, DeadEyes Guy, Fnatic.
  5. E : Powerhouse, Godlike, Team Xtreme, ElementriX.

Players List:

pubg mobile pro league pmpl

      • TSM-Entity : ZGOD, Neyooooo, JONATHAN, ClutchGod, GHATAK.
      • SouL : Mortal, Viper, ReGaLToS, Sangwan, Aman.
      • SynerGE : seervi, itsKK, austinX, Ted, Shryder.
      • Powerhouse : Iconic, Novaking, Dark, Zebra, Bomber.
      • IND : Kratos, Trance, Slayer, Snax, LUCIFER.
      • GodLike : Hastar, Smxkie, GiLL, Xz1st, KronTen.
      • Orange Rock : Anto, Diljitsk, VIRU, Vampire, Mavi.
      • MegaStars : Encore, Paradox, Swagnwl, Vexe, TBD, HaD3S.
      • Team Tamilas : Striker, MrSpray, Maxy, CarryOP, MantyOP, Vaadhiyaar.
      • Marcos Gaming : Maxkash, Surya, SHADOW, TheDUDE, Ronak, Vedzz.
      • Fnatic : ScOutOP, Owais, Ronak, Franky, Ash, Aurum.
      • UMExRxN : Bhishma, KikiOP, Destro, 420op, Pannsingh, pxixifun.
      • VSG Crawlers : Roach, CG, EvoO, Avii, HB.
      • Celtz : MJ, ROXX, Red, Ultron, Attanki.
      • Hype : V3nom, Prototype, GurkhaaYT, SK49, Charii.
      • INES : Tear, Machine, Evileye, Badrev, Kapshi.
      • JyanMaara : Extreme, Gunner, Tchalla, Nang, Sonim.
      • Deadeyes Guys : Shifu, Wadu, Lazy, Illusion, CJ.
      • Team Xtreme : Demon, Utsargo, Kazi, Niku, Captain.
      • ElementriX : MrHyozu, Orangee, PoopooMan, onTop, Shagar.

Commentary Info:

  • English Commentators: Bleh (Sudhen Wahengbam) & Experiment (Angad Singh Chahal).
  • Hindi Commentators : K18 (Ketan Patel) & Ocean (Ocean Sharma).


  1. A total of twenty teams from India, Nepal and Bangladesh will be coming together to compete for the $200,000 prize pool and the available top five spots in the PUBG Mobile World League.
  2. PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia 2020 will be held from May 22 to June 14.
  3. PMPL South Asia 2020 final will be held from June 12 to 14.
  4. Top teams from India, including India Today League PUBG Mobile Invitational winners TSM ENTITY, will be in action in the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia 2020.
  5. Top 2 teams will qualify for PUBG Mobile World League Spring 2020 Eastern Division.
  6. The tournament will be held online and all the matches will be available for streaming on the official PUBG Mobile Esports YouTube channel in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Bengali languages. It will begin at 5:30 PM IST.

Prize Money Distribution:

  1. First – $10,000
  2. Second – $8,000
  3. Third – $6,000
  4. Fourth – $4,000
  5. Fifth – $3,500
  6. Sixth – $3,500
  7. Seventh – $2,000
  8. Eighth – $2,000
  9. Ninth to 12th – $1,500
  10. 13th to 16th – $1,250
  11. 17th to 20th – $1,000

Week 1 Updates:

  • It was GodLike who dominated Week 1 action with 3 Chicken Dinners and took 254 points, the highest among the 20 teams in the first week.
  • GodLSmokie OP (Team – GodLike) was named the MVP of Week 1 of PMPL South Asia 2020.
  • Two Orange Rock players were among the top 5 players of Week 1.

Current Updates:

  • Week 2 action of PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia 2020 has began from Friday, May 29 after a 4-day break with top 20 teams from the region battling for supremacy.
  • Orange Rock are on top of the standings of PMPL South Asia 2020 after Day 1 of Week 2 action which ended on Sunday. They displaced GodLike who played only one match on the opening day of Week 2.

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