PUBG New State MOD apk and OBB file | 1 hit Kill and Wall Hack| New State Pre-release beta update

PUBG: NEW STATE MOD (Unlimited UC/1 Hit Kill)+OBB file v0.9.5.53 is going to be the latest entry of PUBG Studio. It is going to be a high-end version of the PUBG mobile. With the PUBG: New State Beta Mod apk official from AwareEarth, you will get early access to all the features even before the release. The detailed steps to download the new PUBG Mobile 2.0 are given below.

Introduction to PUBG New State Apk- BETA MOD

With the announcement of new PUBG variant, it is clear that PUBG studio is not going to limit themselves to the hype they have created till. They are again ready for revolutionizing the gaming world yet again with the PUBG NEW STATE. This is a more processor-intensive version. It will deliver more real to life Graphics.

pubg new state mod

Therefore, it is clear that PUBG will not loose its throne in the Battle Royale Games Category. Many games like Fortnite, Free Fire, Guns of Boom, etc. have come and go but none has matched the height of PUBG whether it’s in Mobile platform or PC. Fortnite has many times collaborated with Marvel Studios and Marshmallow like big celebs to promote their game. Even Free Fire has introduced characters of celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo and Hritik Roshan. But these tricks beat the performance of PUBG.

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However, daily some new entries are there in Battle Royale Category. Recently a new entry named FAUG came into the picture came in the market. It is a game developed by Indians. It tried to gain support from the Indian government Vs. PUBG mobile India controversy. It caught attention when popular Bollywood star Akshay Kumar promoted it way before it. Kumar is a patriot and philanthropist, traits that he is most praised for. It released on 26th of January, celebrated as Republic day in India. But the release went terrible. Public didn’t like the gameplay and graphics of FAUG at all. The Indian public is still waiting for their beloved PUBG.

PUBGM India has tried every resort to come back as soon as they can. They even break their knot to the Chinese counterpart Tencent corporation over the tiff between India and China. India is promoting the Make in India campaign more and more. And during this time banning Chinese goods and building a Atmanirbhar Bharat is the main goal. PUBG mobile is also facing allegations being highly violent and not suitable for kids. Lets wait and see how PUBG overcome this situation and get relaunched in India.

Pubg New State APK -BETA MOD

Game PUBG New State Prerelease
Size 2.1 Gb
Offered by Krafton Inc.
Mod Features
  •  No Ban
  • One hit kill
  • Wall Hack
  • New State Mod
Release Date April 2, 2021
Price Free
Game Category  Battle Royale
Android version 5.0+

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Graphic Improvements in PUBG New State Hack Apk

Mobile Phones have come a long distance in the performance and gaming technology from the day PUBG was first released. Today we have more RAM in mobile than a laptop and in processor area, cell phone companies are attaining new heights every year. A14 Bionic Chip by Apple is such a masterpiece by the Apple R&D department. I don’t there is even a game till that can use the processing powers of this chip. The AI implementation is taking the game to a newer level. Qualcomm is also going to launch their high end 888 chip soon.

Playing PUBG like games would have been a new experience if we got to use the higher refresh hertz offered latest screens. The PUBG New State could offer more than 60 fps and use the 90, 120 or even 144 hertz screen offered by today’s generation gaming top-notch games. PUBG new state could use AI technology to offer more real to life graphics.

Features of the game

Better Graphics and Rendering

The all-new PUBG New State is more processor-intensive and uses AI technology to provide more human-like movements. It also deliver better graphics option and the rendering process has tuned to be smoother than ever.

New Maps and Modifications to old maps

The studio has hinted the upcoming updates will add more maps to the game. Till now its confirmed that the locations on the current maps like Erangel will get modernized alterations to it.


Steps to Download :

  • Go to the download button.
  • You’ll get to the telegram channel.
  • Download the PUBG New State APK and OBB file
  • Install the apk and enjoy the game


The PUBG New State apk Mod is going to be the most entertaining game in the battleground franchise. This mod will be totally safe to use and you can install it to experience the new and better version of the PUBG Mobile. Till now no PC version announcement is there.



Is PUBG New State APK Mod safe to install?

Totally, there will be no ban or anything. Feel free to download it.

Can PUBG New State APK Mod get me banned?

No, not possible, it can’t be detected by the servers as it has anti-ban protection.

Can I play PUBG New State APK MOD in India?

Well in a way you can but you’ll have to use VPN like streamers and others are using VPN to play Korean version.



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