Puma Future Rider NES inspired sneakers. See details and how to buy

Puma Future Rider sneakers :

Recently puma and Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)collaborated for Mario’s 35th anniversary. puma’s future Rider sneaker design is inspired by the original NES console. The future rider sneaker series is launched today (December 4, 2020).  If you like comfy footwear and Mario then this is just the right shoes for you.
For details, price and Availability read further.

When this sneaker will be available?

Future Rider will be available on December 4th. Other sneakers in this line were launched on November 27th were already sold out.  They are selling like hot buns. Puma originally decided to offer this line only for kids. But after its popularity, these sneakers will be available in adult sizes for a limited period of time.

You can buy this on the official puma site.

Other sneakers included in collaboration:

Apart from the Puma Future Rider sneaker, This puma and NES collaboration include:

  • Super Mario sunshine Clyde
  • Sunshine RS-Dreamer
  • Galaxy RS- fast

Key features :

Puma future Rider sneaker
Puma future Rider sneaker
  • As expected from puma sneakers, they are the comfiest ever.
  • Great design and color selections
  • Lightweight
  • good grip and traction

Price :

For Puma Future Rider NES  it will be $90.

Design :

The design of these sneakers is something we all adore. It’s like reminiscing childhood. In this future Rider NES sneaker, you will get a console button and super Mario charm dangling. This sneaker is available in neutral colors like grey and white which make it more appealing.

Super Mario :

Super Mario is one of the oldest game available on the Nintendo entertainment systems console. Therefore paying homage to this game is a great choice. And there are like millions of super Mario fans. There is a reason for previously launched puma and NES collab sold out In a wink.

What to do if these sneakers are sold out?

There are chances that you might be a click late. And lost your chance to own this great pair of shoes. So simply look at sites like e-bay and other resellers. You can get your hand on them there.


  • Puma future Rider sneaker inspired by NES is launched
  • you can get yours on the official site of puma
  • It’s great design and color is so appealing
  • The starting price is $ 90

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