HOME AND AWAY star Johny Ruffo is battling brain cancer once more


Home and away is an Australian soap opera. Johnny Ruffo is an Australian singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. 32 years old Johnny Ruffo was former home and away’s actor. A year later he had recovered from the disease of brain cancer.

Johnny revealed heartbreaking news:

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In 2017 he was first diagnosed with this disease and somehow recovered a year ago. Ruffo had 7 cm brain tumor which was surgically removed. He wrote on Instagram a heartbreaking news about his health.

He disclosed that:

Now Johnny shared this news to his fans with heavy heart. Home and Away’s actor Johnny told that his cancer has returned. Moreover he told that he had suffered from ” seizures “an intensely painful condition. Which happened a week before disclosing this bad news. Seizures is a sudden attack or sensory disturbance or loss of consciousness.

His celebration on the first recovery:

The star of Home and Away went through many rounds of chemotherapy.  Finally he opened the news that he had beaten the cancer. In 2019 last year he celebrated that he is now free from cancer and posted scans of his brain on Instagram. He wrote in the caption that i am so glad that i have beaten this horrible disease. He thanked the viewers for their support. However a year after when he came to doctor because of migraines doctors discovered the tumor again.

Home and Away actor’s hopefulness:

A cheerful looking Johnny replied to a question about his health. In spite of his critical condition he told that now he is feeling good despite of having undergone through painful treatment of chemotherapy. This news brought a somehow a hopefulness to his fans while talking about the size of tumor he says that neurosurgeon said that to get rid of the remaining 5% of tumor i have to go through radiotherapy. The therapy which i am currently facing.

Doctor’s Optimism:

Although his doctor has not given a clear answer about the recovery from this disease but they seem optimistic for a positive outcome related to his health.

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