Samsung galaxy smart tag, a tile-like tracker to help find lost things maybe in the pipeline.

Introduction Samsung galaxy smart tag:

Samsung galaxy note 20, series Samsung galaxy smart tag is a tile-like tracker with the model number EL-T5300. However smart tag may work with smart things. Likewise, finding features and helping users in detecting their lost Galaxy tools. Moreover, it has been seen on an Indonesia Telecom Certification website.


With the launch of the Galaxy Note 20 series, galaxy smart tag Samsung introduces some smart things related to this item.

  • Like finding features and making their users quickly and easily locate their devices.
  • It uses Bluetooth low energy.
  • Furthermore, Samsung Galaxy smart tag uses Ultra-Wide Band technology to find galaxy smartphones, tablets, ear buds, and smart watches.
  • With the help of the Smart tag a user can keep the trackers in things like wallets and keys.
  • It is also useful in finding the things having the trackers around the houses as well.

Characteristics Samsung galaxy smart tag:

  • Samsung galaxy smart tag maybe Samsung tile-like tracker.
  • Smart tag is said to come with mannequin quantity EL-T5300.
  • Its dimension or weight is about 42.1 x 42.1 x 11.9 mm per 25 g.
  • Its sim is eSIM.
  • The battery is 300mAh.
  • The cellular lot is NB-LoT, Cat.M1.
  • Water dust resistance IP68.
  • Sensor accelerometer.

Foremost usefulness of the product:

  • Samsung galaxy is launching a new way to keep track of loved ones.
  • No doubt it’s the world’s first consumer mobile product that uses narrowband network technology.
  • Low power consumption made it more valuable in contrast with other devices.
  • It works with GPS, wifi-based positioning WPS, and cell id.
  • Therefore it can receive accurate location information both indoor and outdoor.
  • It can be attached backpacks to a young child’s so they can be tracked.
  • However, it can be clipped to a dog’s collar so it won’t go missing.
  • If the user loses the car in a huge parking lot the send my location will send the current location to the guardian.

Similarity with the tile tracker:

This smart tag is offering a similar function as the tile tracker has small tags that can be placed anywhere to know where the particular item is. They can also make a sound or a beep to help the user locate the device. The tile tracker can be attached to your keys, remotes, or other devices that could be misplaced. These tracking abilities of this smart tag will somehow minimize the anxiety of the user about his or her favorite item.


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