Rabbit Alternatives, Perfect for Lockdown

Rabbit is a great platform to watch your favourite content with friends and family. The application is no longer available due to a lack of funding, leaving several fans disappointed. Here’s something for all the fans of Rabbit and for everybody who doesn’t want to watch a movie/series/stand-up alone but with friends. Here we present to all of you some of the best Alternatives for Rabbit

If you think about it, an application like Rabbit would have been perfect in the lockdown. In a time when all of us have restricted movements, believe it or not, the thing we miss the most is binge-watching with friends! What better than a live streaming application which would allow us to live-stream amazing content with friends while sharing live reactions. Here’s presenting top 10 best alternatives to Rabbit to make your quarantine a little better.

Twoseven: The perfect Rabbit Alternative

The first on this list of alternatives to Rabbit is Twoseven. This application is great for live streaming and chatting simultaneously. Twoseven is doing great, a favourite amongst many, and it does make for a good alternative to Rabbit but it still has some cons! It does not allow audio messages. But it is still a great option as it allows live streaming of Netflix, Amazon, Youtube and Hulu.

SyncLounge: Rabbit Alternative Only for Plex Users!

Now this one is only for Plex users! SyncLounge lets you play synchronized media flawlessly when you connect it with your Plex library.  This one doesn’t make up for the best alternative to Rabbit but is surely the best for Plex users! It allows you to chat while you binge on movies, making the experience more joy-filled. A major disadvantage is that it neither has audio messages nor a webcam facility.

Netflix Party: Rabbit Alternative That Is As Cool As It Sounds

Yes, this alternative to Rabbit is as cool as it sounds! Netflix party is very popular as it lets you watch all the amazing content of Netflix in synchronized video playback. It comes with a chat system, with emoticons, GIF’s and many more interesting features. While it’s fun and easy to use, there are some glaring disadvantages. The most evident one is that it is only for Netflix users! Also like many alternatives to rabbit, it also doesn’t have audio and webcam support.

Watch2gether: A Good Rabbit Alternative

This is a little more popular amongst others because it has some extra fun features other than just live video streaming. Watch2gether is one Rabbit Alternative as you get to watch videos, listen to music and also shop on Amazon together! This one is pretty great as it lets friends shop, listen to music and watch videos together while also chatting if you want! The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t have audio and webcam support like many other Rabbit alternatives. But this one doesn’t allow Netflix and other popular video streaming platforms!

Kast: Rabbit Alternative We Are Waiting for!

This one makes a special appearance on the list! While this is not a proper Rabbit Alternative as others were, it has sure got a lot of potentials. When Rabbit was not getting enough funding and hence it decided to shut down its operations, it sold all its assets to Kast.  Many believed and still believe that now Kast would fill the void that Rabbit left us with. But it has been too long Kast came up with something similar to Rabbit. Hence our search for the perfect alternative to Rabbit continues.

These were just some of the Rabbit Alternatives. You can search more on the world wide web and find your perfect match!

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