Rabbit Alternatives, Perfect for Lockdown

Rabbit alternatives you can use.

Rabbit is a great platform to watch your favourite content with friends and family. The application is no longer available due to a lack of funding, leaving several fans disappointed. Here’s something for all the fans of Rabbit and for everybody who doesn’t want to watch a movie/series/stand-up alone but with friends. Here we present … Read more

DDR3 vs DDR4: Making an Informed Choice

Feaetures of DDR3 vs DDR4

In order to make an intelligent comparison between DDR3 RAM vs DDR4 RAM, we need to first understand these terms. DDR is an acronym for Double Data Rate, an advanced version for Synchronous Dynamic random access memory. It is a class of memory integrated circuits used in computers.  Its release date traces back to 1998 … Read more

TRAI’s Channel Selector App is Here!

TRAI launches new Channel Selector App

Did you know that TRAI has just come online? Did you check its latest Channel Selector App? If so, then read on to this article to find some of the awesome features of TRAI’s Channel Selector App you probably missed. If not, then have a look at some of the awesome features before downloading this … Read more

iOS Hidden Features That You Missed

iOS 14 hidden features

Apple just launched iOS 14 at the Apple Worldwide developers conference in 2020. Apple talked about a lot of features but missed some of the most interesting iOS 14 hidden features.  In the wake of COVID-19, the event was only virtual, but that doesn’t mean Apple fans will be missing out on iOS 14 features. … Read more