iOS Hidden Features That You Missed

Apple just launched iOS 14 at the Apple Worldwide developers conference in 2020. Apple talked about a lot of features but missed some of the most interesting iOS 14 hidden features.  In the wake of COVID-19, the event was only virtual, but that doesn’t mean Apple fans will be missing out on iOS 14 features. The online jam-packed event was attended by several tech enthusiasts across the globe to learn about iOS 14 hidden features.
There was so much to say that Apple forgot to talk about its latest iOS hidden features. Here are those few iOS 14 hidden features that you probably don’t know about.

‌Pin several conversations in messages

The pin feature of important conversations in android and earlier iOS versions is great! But in the age of multitasking, it is possible to have more than one important conversation. iOS 14 enables you to change settings and pin multiple conversations and not just one. This hidden feature is great for all multitaskers out there as it keeps everything important right at the top.

‌Wind Down

All of us are aware of the sleep mode that comes with most of our smartphones. But iOS has come up with something more cool and relaxing. The wind-down mode minimises distractions over a period of time which helps you wind down before you go off to sleep. This feature can be used before you switch on the sleep mode. For anyone with a disturbed sleep schedule, this iOS hidden feature can be of little help!

Notify Me: Smart yet Hidden iOS Feature

With an array of apps on our phones, privacy is a big issue. iOS notifies you whenever an app accesses the camera or recorder. This hidden feature of iOS 14 lets you enjoy all your favourite apps without any tension of data breach or privacy issues. ‘Notify Me’, a hidden iOS 14 feature, can take responsibility for all your security concerns.

Getting History Stack Just Got Easier

Using a smartphone can be a tedious process for many. While exploring your new iPhone, you may get lost and may want to get back. This hidden feature of iOS 14 enables you to access the history stack with just a long press of the back button. For all messy users who tend to get stuck, this long press on the back button gives them access to the whole history stack. This hidden iOS 14 feature is a great way to add exciting features to your new versions.

‌Mirror selfies 

This cool, hidden feature of iOS 14 needs no explanation! Millennials have always complained about flipped selfies and this hidden iOS feature keeps that in mind. iOS 14 captures selfies just as you see them in the mirror and not flipped versions of them. This hidden feature of iOS 14 is definitely going to attract the attention of billions of youth and selfie maniacs all across the globe.

‌Emoji search: Hidden iOS Feature You Wished For

Admit it, all of us have faced the confusion of sending the right emoji! Be it a boss, a colleague or a relative, we all have faced this dilemma some time or the other. This hidden feature of iOS 14 takes that worry away from you. You can just type in the message and iOS 14 will just search for the right emoji. Emoji search is definitely an innovative hidden iOS 14 feature.

Photos privacy

Apps on your phone have access to all your photos with just one permission of yours. iOS 14 won’t let that happen. This iOS 14 hidden feature gives access to the required photos and not your entire gallery to the application. In the wake of raging debates about privacy and data-stealing, this hidden iOS 14 feature is definitely something that is going to attract a lot of attention.

SMS Filtering

Yes, you read it right! Apple’s iOS 14 can now filter your incoming messages into various categories like – Spam, promotional, important and so on! This iOS 14 hidden feature can make your life easier by just sorting out messages into folders you might like. Many people are going to excessively depend on this hidden feature of iOS 14 as it is going to be an aid to workaholics.

Exciting UI: An Interesting hidden iOS 14 Feature

This hidden feature of iOS 14 is a little funky. This is a new bubble-style user interface to add time and date throughout the operating system. Rely on iOS 14 hidden features to add a dash of style to your iPhone. This is a completely fresh and innovative addition to the existing stack of new yet hidden features of iOS 14.
There are many more hidden yet cool features that iOS 14 brings with itself. The features mentioned above were just a few of the coolest ones. You can explore many more once you start exploring the new updated version of iOS, iOS 14. Apple never disappoints with its latest features in the world of technology and this time too it hasn’t broken the trend with its all-new iOS 14.

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