TRAI’s Channel Selector App is Here!

Did you know that TRAI has just come online? Did you check its latest Channel Selector App? If so, then read on to this article to find some of the awesome features of TRAI’s Channel Selector App you probably missed. If not, then have a look at some of the awesome features before downloading this App.

The government of India has an image of not being technologically advanced. TRAI’s Channel Selector App is here to break this stereotype! This facade didn’t last long and to your surprise, the government of India is on a digitisation spree. In the wake of COVID-19, the government is responding by launching online applications under various schemes and organisations. TRAI is the latest addition to the stack as it has just launched a Channel Selector App.

Who Launched the Channel Selector App?

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is a statutory body set up by an act of parliament (under section 3 of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Act, in case a UPSC aspirant is reading this article) in 1997. Its main function is to regulate telecom activities in India, also solve various disputes regarding telecom amongst other duties and responsibilities it has to follow. In simpler terms, TRAI is responsible for all your favourite TV shows on television and also much more entertainment in the virtual world. TRAI has been in the news

Making Headlines!

Yes, TRAI has been making headlines and for all the right reasons. On 25th June 2020, TRAI launches a brand new Channel Selector app for Direct To Home (also known as DTH) and Cable TV customers. This enables the customer to view, modify and optimise channels and customise the subscription according to their specific needs. In these times when everything is going virtual, TRAI’s initiative to provide the best services to television subscribers has become a big hit.

The last time it was making news, there was a revised tariff order to be implemented which resulted in higher subscription costs. TRAI soon realized that it couldn’t afford to burn the pockets of millions of subscribers and that too when we were in the middle of a pandemic. Hence it came up with its Channel Selector App that enables you to select channels that you want to and removes the ones you hardly watch. This smart move by TRAI makes everyone happy. Customers are enjoying lower subscription costs without sacrificing their favourite channels due to high tariffs. Pretty intelligent TRAI šŸ˜‰

Channel Selector App: What’s in it for you?

The Channel Selector App by TRAI is available on iOS for iPhones and the Google Play Store for Android phones. Talking about the features, the best one has to be cost-cutting. It lets you add up your favourite channels and remove the redundant ones, which is amazing. Earlier you were paying for channels you probably never watched in your lifetime and there was also no scope in the near future. But now with this Channel Selector App, you only pay for what you watch! This feature will definitely attract many people who have forgotten their TV connection in the midst of OTT platforms.

This app also comes up with a bouquet that has a collection of channels belonging to a particular genre. If you are not too keen on selecting every channel individually. You can just pick the bouquet of your choice and enjoy!

A RevolutionĀ 

While Corona Virus roams outside, there are various online ways you can entertain yourself! OTT platforms aren’t the only ones in the race, and television is quickly making up for the lost time.

All of us have been binge-watching our favourite web series while in lockdown. We’ve almost forgotten the age-old entertainment source ‘Television’. But TRAI has a fix for this problem and you know what it is, The Channel Selector App.

TRAI will bring television back into the limelight by giving you channels of your choice while taking care of your pockets!

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