Realme buds Q – launched in India

After launching two TWS earphones last month, Realme launched its first TWS earbuds named Realme buds Q on June 25, 2020.

Here is an insight into this new product by this fast-growing brand :


These cobble-stone shaped earbuds are designed by José Lévy. The case has no straight lines and gives the experience of original cobble stones when touched. It has a matte black finish which also continues to the inside of the case and the brand name is written in glossy black in the front. There’s a USB charging port. It also has an LED indicator which lights up when charging. Realme has done a good job by not selecting the stem design like most other tws earphones this time. The pebble-like design of the earbuds also makes it comfortable to the ears. It is said to weigh 3.6g which is probably less than the weight of an A4 sheet. It is available in black, white and yellow colours.


Realme buds Q has some over-the-top features as compared to other earphones of the same price range.

It has a 10mm large bass boost driver which gives the user a great experience listening to music with powerful bass. However it is a little less than Realme buds air.

It has a powerful R1Q chip which supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Hence, the earbuds can connect to the phone real fast. It also supports dual channel transmission. Hence, the two earbuds can stay connected to the phone independently. Also the effective connection distance is 10m (30ft).

It has a gaming mode which reduces the latency upto 119ms. Resulting in perfect sync between audio and visuals while gaming or watching movies.

It has IPX4 water resistance, to save the earbuds from sweat, shower or rain.

It has touch controls, a great feature to offer in a comparatively lesser price. You can control your activities without using your phone. The touch gestures include :

  1. Double tap to play/pause music or to answer calls
  2. Triple tap to go to next song
  3. Press and hold one side to end a call
  4. Press and hold both sides to enter or exit gaming mode.

Also, you can customize the touch controls using the realme link app. However, the gestures for calls cannot be changed or disabled.

Battery life

Realme buds Q have the highest battery life than all Realme tws earphones. It has a 40mAh in-built battery and 400mAh battery in the charging case.

It gives 20 hours of overall playback with 50% volume almost allowing full day use, 4.5 hours of music playback with 50% volume, 50 hours of stand-by time and 3 hours on a single call with 50% volume. This is a major plus point for these earbuds and that too at a cheaper price. However, there is no system for wireless charging.

Availability and Price in India

The Realme buds Q launched in India on June 25 along with Realme X3 series smartphones. It is available on Amazon and The first online sale is on 1st July, 2020 at 12pm. The price in India is ₹1,999 which is considered, comparatively, a lower price than the tws earphones releasing nowadays. 

Though not the best, Realme buds Q provides a better than expected experience with a comparatively minimal price. And is surely a great competitor among the tws earphones of the same price range.

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