Rapper Badshah grilled for 9 hours by Mumbai Police over fake followers’ racket

This racket came into light after Bhumi Trivedi a famous singer reported about her fake social media being created. She asked Police to look into this matter. Eventually this matter is taken over by the Crime Intelligence Unit (CIU) of the Mumbai Police. This unit is specially trained to investigate this kind of cases.

Famous Rapper Badshah was being called by the Mumbai Police to interrogate into this matter. Mumbai Police seem to interrogate him for approx. 9 hours in this case. According to reports Badshah was seen to enter the police station at 12.30 pm. He stepped out of the police station at about 9.45 pm.

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An official stated Badshah is also summoned for questioning on Saturday noon as well. During the probe, the police unearthed the racket which creates fake social media profiles and sells fake followers and likes to celebrities and `influencers’.

A celebrity or social media influencer can command a higher price for product endorsement if he or she has more followers. The police has recorded statements of nearly 20 people in the case.

Senior police officials earlier had said that this was a serious issue as fake profiles are also used to spread fake news or misinformation.

At least 54 cyber firms which create fake followers are under the police’s scanner, officials said.

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