Realme v5


Realme is a Chinese company. It is a multinational company. It does not only supplies its products in China. But, also in various other countries which even includes India. The company was founded 2 years ago on 4th May 2018.

The company is mainly known for its an affordable range of latest smartphones. But, apart from smartphones it also deals with other electronic products such as headphones and televisions.

The company till now have introduced C, U, X, Q and Narzo series. But, today the company have announced to introduce the first mobile of V series. That is the V5 model.

Realme V5

Earlier today, the CMO of the company tweeted this news. Through is Twitter account “Xu Qi Chase” the tweet says,” Appearance first burst! #realmeV5, a big LOGO trendy play design with super attitude, colour name; silver wing boy!”

Along with the first official image of the smartphone.

The image of displayed that the phone has a quad-camera of 48 megapixels. In the bottom of the image, 5G is written on it. Which confirms that the model has a 5 G connectivity feature.

Also, a mounting hole is observed on the top left corner on the backside of the mobile. It is estimated to be a side fingerprint scanner. Though, we are not yet sure about if it is a fingerprint scanner or not.  The device has curved or round edges.

The volume buttons are available on the left side of the phone along with the sim tray. The photo available has a silver colour model of V5. It confirms that one of the options is silver. But, we are not yet confirmed about the other colour variants.

Also, the company have not revealed all of the specifications of the models. But, through the specifications observed by the official image, it looks like this is going to be a mid-range product. Price can be near the price of Realme 6.

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