reMarkable 2 tablet: the all-new gadget

Magnus Wanberg created reMarkable in his attempt to turn the technical gadget into a paperlike-experience. The company has recently launched the reMarkable 2 tablet to improve the users’ paper-like experience.

About reMarkable

Magnus Wanberg founded reMarkable back in 2014. He wanted the people reading and writing on gadgets to have a paper-like experience even if it is on a notepad. He then created E Ink write tablets that helped him to fulfil the quest that he was advancing on. These tablets run on their own operating system called Codex.

Features of reMarkable 2 tablet

A peek into reMarkable 2
A peek into reMarkable 2

reMarkable 2 is now up for launch offers at the official store. This model is an upgraded version of the previously launched reMarkable tablet. It prides itself with an enjoyable writing experience and an excellent display in an extremely thin design. Also, it is 30% thinner than the original model, making it the thinnest tablet in the market. It also offers a faster-charging speed and a USB-C port to facilitate transferring of files. The tablet also offers 8 GB of storage space, the double of its original version. The 3000 mAh battery lasts three times longer than it originally did.

The model weighs a total of 403.5 g approximately. That makes it slightly heavier than the older version at 0.89 pounds. The 10.3-inch canvas screen is now accompanied with a glass screen, making it easier to write on.

However, the tablet does not support many of the other activities like browsing or watching videos. The replaceable pen nibs might also turn out to be pricier in the future, increasing the user’s expense. Also, it does come with any backlight. But it’s still great to take notes or mark important text in your favourite books.


The reMarkable 2 tablet comes at a price of $536, including all its accessories. It is now selling at only $399, making the marker, folio and express shi[[pingg free. So, if you want to order this tablet, this is the right time. You just need to pay for the tab and all these accessories will accompany it for free.

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