WWE Superstar REY MYSTERIO to retire on Monday Night RAW

Rey Mysterio known outside of the ring as Óscar Gutiérrez is reported to be retiring from WWE raw soon. Rey Mysterio retires from WWE at a special ceremony. Many fans of the series and of Ray in-particular Believe this is unlikely for several reasons. One being that it seems unlikely one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE would retire when he still has unfinished business with the wrestler who put him out of commission by injuring Rey’s eye.

Rey’s wrestling life

Rey Mysterio retires on Monday. News was a shocker for his fans. Let’s dive into his professional career.

Rey Mysterio retires on 1 june
Rey Mysterio will enter ring for the last time on Monday Night Raw.

Rey’s is a Mexican American Wrestler who is Guarded by many as the greatest cruise wait wrestler in history. His wrestling career began 1989 though he did not make his first major league appearance until 1992. In 1992 he appeared in the Asistencia Asesoría y Administración. The next major wrestling organization he worked with was World Championship Wrestling. He was a member of from 1995 until the organization closed in 2001.

In 2002 he joined the WWE for the first time. He remained with the organization until 2015. Over the course of the 13 years he achieved many title victories including two United States champion titles, three cruiserweight title champion titles, three world champion titles, and a four-time tag team champion. After leaving the WWE Rey wrestled in the independent circuits for several years before returning in 2018. He is most well-known for his time with the WWE raw. It has put him as one of their most well-known and revered performers.


The world wrestling entertainment Inc. is an integrated media and entertainment company best known for promoting wrestling matches. It has also branched out into other fields including movies and a short-lived American football league. The company has existed since the 1950s, though it has undergone changes since those days including being renamed a total of six times. It is the largest promoter of wrestling matches and events in the world holding at least 500 events each year. The events are divided up between different brands that are scattered across the world. In addition to providing large venues for fans to watch in person the events are also available to over 36 million viewers in no less than 150 countries.

WWE’s wrestling matches are not considered true sporting events but rather highly scripted and choreographed theatrical productions. That is not to say that the wrestlers are not athletes as they do practice wrestling moves and perform stunts and techniques that are not properly trained for or executed correctly can lead to injury or even death. The state of affairs was first acknowledged in 1989 by the owner of the WWE, then Titan sports Inc., to avoid paying taxes levied against the corporation from the athletic commission. Since that time WWE in all its incarnations has promoted all its wrestling’s as sports entertainment. It has done this in order to recognize the origin of their wrestling events in both competitive sports and dramatic theater.

During the coronavirus pandemic the WWE has made a decision that many fans found distasteful in that it laid off a number of employees including several very popular performers in the wrestling matches. Though the WWE’s management called necessary critics and fans alike were livid, some even pointed out that the WWE had stated that it had ample resources available during the time of the pandemic.


RAW is one of the several wrestling brands of the World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. The brand was first established in March 2002 with a special event called Monday night raw, a week later it became a regular brand of WWE. The brand continued pretty much on abated until August 2011 when it was discontinued for a period of five years until be brought back in July 2016. There are many noted wrestlers who compete in the one of the biggest names being Rey Mysterio. during the coronavirus pendant for a short period of time raw as with many other brands of the WWE were filmed behind closed doors in pre-recorded events. however as of April 13 live events have been filmed again though still behind closed doors and with full social distancing measures in place.

Mysterio’s Retirement

Rey Mysterio retires at the special ceremony on Monday Night RAW. He has announced that he is planning to hold retirement ceremony self on the Jew first edition of RAW. This announcement comes on the heels of an injury to his eye inflicted by Seth Rollinson May 11.

After the fights had come to an end says apparently attacked Ray and smashed his face into a steel step in the arena. the announcement hasn’t met with skepticism by many fans who could not believe that Ray would walk away from the WWE especially after the last few weeks with Seth taunting Ray and threatening to do the same to Ray’s teammates. Many fans are expecting a fight to erupt between Ray Seth during the second if not and all out three-way tag team. Keep in mind that all these events have been carefully scripted and choreographed in the nature of the WWE sports/theater entertainment.

This leaves several possible options for what this event entails. First it could be the next step in the script for the character of Rey in the WWE. Second it could actually be that he is planning to leave the WWE for a second time and this is the natural way to retire his character.

Finally, this could signify that another round of WWE layoffs may have begun and this is their way of removing the character from RAW in such a way to placate the fans.

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