School Reopening : Challenge for Central Government


“Some of the brightest minds in the country can be found on the last benches of the classroom. “
                     – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

As per the situations led by corona virus pandemic, the education system has been hampered. Many parents and students are wondering about future. School gates were closed nationwide from the month of March. There is no news came from the central government for school reopening. Till now no vaccine or medicine has been made for the treatment of Covid-19.

Zone- wise school reopening

The central government has decided on school reopening zone – wise; orange and green zone will be given release upto some extent. Schools will be opened for classes 8th-12th in these zones, suggested NCERT. The school will be opened in odd-even manner.
Odd-even manner will maintain social distancing. Keeping in view, all the precautions schools will be reopened.

Schools were closed on 6th march, 2020 in some states. Then, on 22nd march,2020 Janta Curfew was the first step to fight against corona virus.
Focusing on people’s safety. The PM further declared nationwide lockdown on 25th march, 2020.

When school will reopen?

This question is revolving in everyone’s mind. There is no news came from the central government for school reopening.
On 26th May, 2020 spokesperson of MHA( Ministry of Home Affairs) tweeted, ” No such decision taken by MHA. All educational institutions are still prohibited to open, throughout the country. “
This tweet chalked out schools will remain closed.

CBSE and ICSE board announced the date for board examination. Do check on official websites.
All the precautions will be taken for safety of students and invigilating staff. Teachers will be given training and guidelines to act accordingly.

Technology plays a vital role

Unless and until further notice comes from the central government. The schools have started online classes. Teachers are sharing content and study material through social media.
” They cannot stop me. I will get my education, if it is in the home, school, or anyplace.”
               – Malala Yousafzai
Education is essential and right of every person. Remote areas were poor internet connectivity is huge problem. Uttarakhand education department has started live classes on doordarshan for Maths, Chemistry, Biology.

Coming back to school

MHD and NCERT suggested that schools will reopen zone-wise discussing with other ministries. Certain guidelines for schools will be made.
Earlier, the central government decided around 25 to 30% of students will be asked to attend the school. Now, they are planning to call only older students of class 8th to 12th after lifting of this lockdown. Younger students are not allowed because there is more risk for them. They are less unaware and understandable. They will surely broke the oath of social distancing.

Further challenging plans for government

Till 31st May, 2020 lockdown 4.0 will be considered. Government is stepping forward for final plan which lockdown 5.0. The guidelines and need for lockdown 5.0 is not yet mentioned.
This will be very challenging for whole nation. A cloud of fear will gather everyone’s mind.

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