Robin Williams’ son Zachery Williams Tied Knot With Best Friend!

10-10-20 a unique day of October which won’t come again. Robin Williams’ son Zachery Williams took a vow with long time girlfriend Olivia June. They choose a special day for the most important day of their life.

At the wedding, they take care of all the COVID guidelines and strictly followed the social distancing. They choose a beautiful outdoor location for their wedding away from the chaos. Only family and a few close friends of both of them were present in the ceremony.

Robin Williams’ son Zachery confirmed the news of her marriage on his social media platform by sharing a cute photo of them. That was a photo from their wedding where both of Zachery and Olivia were in their wedding attires.

Zachery Williams on this special occasion remembers his father Robin Williams who was a great comedian and an OSCAR winner performer. The comedian took his life in 2014 out of depression. His death was a great loss for the Hollywood industry.

Robin Williams’ son Zachery shares his grief over his father’s absence and said he would love to watch his son getting married. It was a mix of joy and emotion for Zachery Williams.

Susan Williams also shares her grief over the untimely demise of the great star. However, it was a great day for her son to hitched with his best friend. It was World Mental Health Day and what could be the better day for the important occasion.

Robin Williams' son
Father-Son Duo

Robin was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. But he could have a good 10 years of life with proper treatment. But unfortunately, depression took over him and forced him to kill himself.

Zachery Williams shared his joy over marrying best friend Olivia June and tweeted the same. The beautiful couple brought their first child in the world last Summer and now they make a happy family.

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