Pete Davidson J.K.Rowling : Her comments are “Very disappointing” and Transphobic.

Pete Davidson  J.K.Rowling: Pete Davidson Talks about J.K.Rowling’s “Very disappointing” Transphobic comments.

J.K.Rowling’s Transphobic comments: J.K.Rowling issued a personal essay on her belief on transgender rights. She felt that certain demands by transgender activists were threatening to women. Because of this, the LGBTQ+ advocacy groups widely criticized the essay and termed it transphobic.

Pete Davidson: An American comedian, actor, writer, producer. He is a cast member of Saturday Night Live. Also seen in MTV shows like Guy Code, Wild’n’out, and Failosophy. Recently Pete Davidson reacted to J.K.Rowling’s personal essay on transgenders. He says he has watched The Harry Potter movie: The Fantastic Beasts once and is not a fan.

Pete Davidson J.K.Rowling: He feels it’s strange because J.K. Rowling writes a series of books on witches, wizards, and magical characters living in a peaceful world but cant tolerate transgenders.

J.K.rowling’s life was a rag to riches story: After her mother’s death,  her first husband divorced her and she gave birth to her first child. Rowling was clueless and worried about the future of her child. She got worldwide fame with her first novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. She was living on the benefits and because of the success of her novels, she was the richest author as per Forbes.

J.K. Rowling the Harry Potter author
J.K. Rowling the Harry Potter author

Controversy over the statement: The Harry Potter writer’s comments on the transgender community received a lot of Flak. She tried to defend herself, saying her opinion is a result of domestic violence she suffered in the past. There was an immediate storm on the internet. She canceled her comments immediately.

J.K. Rowling’s book Troubled Blood in trouble: The story of her book Troubled blood is about a Crossdresser who happens to be a murderer and a serial killer. The narration did not go well with many and they feel it is insulting to certain sections of the community. The book was in controversy as soon as it was released.

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