JK Rowling New Book Troubled Blood Is In Trouble

JK Rowling
Troubled Blood

Troubled Blood Sparks debate

JK Rowling New Book Troubled Blood is in the book store under Robert Galbraith pseudonym. The book soon after the release creates controversy. The creator could not take the story in a well-versed manner. The plot is highly controversial and sparks debate around.

The book narrates the story of a crossdresser who happens to be a crossdresser. He is a serial killer and murdered many. A doctor and his missing case highlighted in the book who is belives to be murdered by a crossdresser.

The Transgender Character Did Not Go Well With The Critics

Many are not happy with the concept and think that JK Rowling’s new book degraded the position by the character. Many social activists put a finger to the narration and describe it as inhuman. It might be the first time the famous writer of the Herry Potter receiving such criticism.

The transgender people around the world are already in a lower state in society. Critics believe that the book will spark a new debate on the social status of transgender people.

What The Transgender Activists Are Thinking

A tweet from a transgender rights activist tweeted Monday on the issue related to the book she said “JK Rowling’s new book’s about a ‘transvestite serial killer’ Meanwhile over in the real world the number of trans people killed in Brazil has risen by 70% this past year, young trans women are left to burn in cars and men who kill us (for being trans) are pardoned and sent home.”

JK Rowling
JK Rowling new book

The Never-Ending Debate

Her comment shows the brutal part of being transgender. and from a renowned writer like Jk Rowling, this kins of content is totally unacceptable. JK Rowling herself now working with a foundation to help transgender people.

Whatever might be the motive of her showing transgender as a serial killer but the book brings controversy and not going to end soon.

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