Sandra Lee Westchester home Sold, Which Once She Shared With Ex!

Sandra Lee Westchester home sold out recently. She shared the house with Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The house was very close to her heart and the sudden selling of the house is very much shocking.

Both Sandra and Andrew spent some happy time together in the house before their split. The 54-year-old lady moved to Los Angeles in last September and soon might shift to Malibu.

Sandra also trying to move on from her past and associating herself with many opportunities. She is doing the things she could not do while associated with NewYork State Politics. Lee recently joined the World Food Program in the USA.

Along with that, she is also going to host a cooking show for The Today Show, called Sandra Lee Top Shelf. and having a talk with a publisher for a book deal.

Sandra Lee Westchester home was all about luxury and comfort. She bought it for $1.3 million in the year 2009. The house called Lilly Pond was an ideal abode for her and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Post selling Sandra Lee Westchester home she bought another abode in Malibu. The new house is also beautiful to see facing house in which she shared the neighborhood with Kate Hudson, movie director Chris Weitz and singer Janet Jackson.

Seems Sandra is getting over from the breakup and giving her enough time for self-improvements. Andrew, on the other hand, seems to go with the flow and he will publish his new book narrating pandemic.

Stanley Lee Westchester home
The beautiful Westchester home

However, Sandra stated in an interview that in the hight of the pandemic she is always been in touch with Governor Andrew. They were dating since 2005 and were very much together.

None of them ever came out with the reason behind their split. But seems both have moved on from their past and living like two mature individuals. Lee said she is in constant touch with Andrew’s daughters as well.

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