Real Bostonians SNL: Jack-O Pumpkin Ale Did Not Go Well With Bill Burr

Real Bostonians SNL
Real Bostonians SNL

A Saturday Night Live episode just hosted by Bill Burr. In the episode, the comedian tried to boost the Bostonian while trying to sip a local beer tastes Pumpkin. Bill in the show fake Sam Admas in the most hilarious way possible. While the episode shows the Real Bostonians SNL.

The episode went viral over a day and fans loved Bill Burr faking the Adams commercial. Bill Burr never fails to amaze fans with his amazing comic sense. And this time it was no different.

The theme was Shout for Local, Real Bostonians SNL, and for the same Bill roamed in the city of Boston and tried some locals in the street. He finally sat in a beer shop and tried the local Pumpkin flavored beer.

His face post one sip says it all, whether he liked it or not. And it was just a disgusting face. Which obviously shows his disgust over the drink.

Where the locals were very much enjoying Jack-O Pumpkin, Burr seemed engulfed no of glasses and complaint about how bad it tasted. He did not like the beer as other locals do.

Burr was complaining about the taste throughout and added that this beer can chill in his fridge for months. He will only get it out if guests come over and ask for beer, he would surprise them with the Pumpkin beer.

Well, in Real Bostonians SNL depict the taste in the most hilarious way possible and earned a huge love for his amazing performance in the fake commercial.

Real Bostonians SNL
Bill Burr

Later on, wrap up of the commercial, he explained the exact taste of the beer. The taste is kinda sweet of the beer. He said he would only taste this if there is nothing to drink at all.

Real Bostonian SNL ends with and fans go gaga over the episode!

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