Sacred Games Season 3: Will Sartaj break the code? Everything You Should Know

Sacred Games Season 3: Sacred Games is one of the most highly watched shows on Netflix. The 2nd season of the sacred games has left the viewers with a lot of questions. The most asked question for the viewers is that whether Sartaj Singh will be able to break the code?.

The Story so far

In the second season, the story revolved around the police detective Sartaj Singh as he is trying to defuse a nuclear attack on Mumbai. The season ended in a cliffhanger when it was released that Sartaj had 3 attempts to break the code. He had already tried two times and was now left with only one chance.

there has been no release date of the new season, however with the cliffhanger, it is expected to air soon.

Sacred Games Season 3
Will he be able to break the code?

Will Sartaj succeed or fail!?. this is the biggest question is in the minds of all the fans. There were a lot of questions for the Second season but Netflix opted to not answer one of the biggest — if not the biggest — in the finale, thus leaving viewers in the dark.  However, Season 2 did answer many questions. The viewers have come to know the incidents that happened between Gaitonde and Guruji.

the fans are also shown the relationship of Sartaj and Megha, his ex-wife. the season also showed a strong possibility that Sartaj may be related to Shaid Khan, the terrorist. this was observed when Shahid’s mother and Sartaj’s mother looking at an old photo that shows their family was separated during the Partition.

Even though we don’t know whether Sartaj will be able to diffuse the bomb or not, it can be honestly said that season 3 will be more action-packed than ever.

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