Maserati Supercar Reveal The Most Stunning Car Of The Year

New Supercar by Maserati

Maserati Supercar Reveal M20 model which is going to hit the road soon. The supercar by Maserati is something they are back with a long 14 years. The automobile company was near the end before they think about the beast and launch it to market.

The Italian giant was facing a fall in business for many days. And it is very much under loss. A beast like M20 is just a demand of time. Post the launch of the Ferrari Enzo-based MC12 there was no big revelation by Maserati.  M20 supercar is the only big launch in a long time.

Speculations around Maserati Supercar Reveal

Speculations were all over that the automobile company might stop car manufacturing in no time. But with everybody’s surprise, Maserati Supercar Reveal reveals a Black-white supercar with all new and exciting features.

Interior, Exterior, and variants

Talking about the M20 supercar the exterior of the car is plain black white color. While most parts of the car will be off while with a black roof and amazing color coordination. The company literally surprised all by the carbon monocoque tub and the artistic look of the car.

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The car is most likely to be in three variant coupe, following retractable hardtop Spider flavor, and electric car. Electric cars are now in demand for their energy-saving technology which made them efficient for all and the maintenance is also less not that tough unlike the regular fuel used cars.

The new beast

The interior design of the car is highly commendable. All the modern technology used in the car which includes a digital steering wheel with a monitoring system and a digital display with android support. The smart device includes in the car can control many of the smart devices with a click with the comfort of ur sitting in the car. The interior makes the car more appealing and exciting.

Power Engine

The beast comes up with a 90-degree, twin-turbo, 3.0-liter V6 making 621 horsepower, nevertheless the engineers focused more to the engine and the power, It is a classic beast by Maserati one must say.

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