Salma Hayek in Marvel: Best Look revealed as Ajak

A new leak has given us a look at Salma Hayek in Marvel. She will be seen playing the role of Ajak in the new movie “Eternal”.  The look which was leaked gave us a glimpse of the full costume of the character. After a lot of digging it appears that the leak was of an authentic Action figure from MCU. The backside packaging also tells us about the legends powers and it seems like Ajak has healing powers.

The look reveals that Salma Hayek in Marvel will grace a long deep blue dress with fittings of gold at her arms and chest. The dress doesn’t appear to be too different from the previous versions. But the new addition in the costume is the Headgear.  The figure is wearing a large fin-like helmet. We had previously gotten a glimpse at Marvel’s costumes in the last year’s D23 Expo. And it seems since the leader had changed the gender of Ajak’s character the comic version of the costume would have looked weird on the big screen. So her costume is vastly different from her comic appearances.

Salma hayek in marvel
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Brief About “Eternal”

Salma Hayek in Marvel Movie Eternal will most probably be seen as a leader and will have healing powers. Like in Avengers and Guardian of the galaxies MCU will have a totally new cast for the fourth movie. It will be exciting and fun to see the whole cast of the movie.

In Eternal we will see that after the happenings of Avengers Endgame all the Aliens secretly inhabiting the earth will come out of hiding. As a tragedy will make them reveal themselves and they will have to fight with the most ancient enemy of the Human race “The Deviants”.  Also, we can see from the unique entourage of heroes from MCU that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. And Salma Hayek in Marvel will be a different experience than Tony stark.  Eternals are supposed to release on 6th Nov 2020.

Are you geared up to see Salma Hayek in Marvel? What did you think about Ajak’s costume design? Comment below.


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