Samsung A31 – high quality on a budget


Samsung A31: The Samsung A31 was launched on 24 March 2020. It’s expected to launch in India on 29 May 2020.

Since 2014, the Samsung Galaxy A series has swiftly grown into our favorite budget-friendly line.

Though the price on these devices is lower than the deluxe Galaxy S series, the A series devices don’t seem to let us down. But it can be hard to tell these guys apart after a while.

As the Samsung S20 brings 5G into the palms of our hands, what can we expect from the A31?

On Display

In some ways, the A31 brings repeats of the best parts of the Samsung A30s launched in August of 2019. The A31 touts a great bezel-to-screen ratio, partly due to a design borrowed from the A30s. I’m talking about the teardrop cut framing the front camera, taking up less surface area than Apple’s horizontal bar design.

Like previous models, the A31 delivers a modern, dramatic look for a low price. The device contains a 3.5 mm audio jack, giving users the option to plug in if they choose.

The A31 features rounded corners, black bezel design, and comes in four colors: Prism Crush Black, Prism Crush Blue, Prism Crush Red, and Prism Crush White. Hopefully we’ll get to learn what a Prism Crush is.

For a price of Rs. 14,990, the A31 shines. At 1080 x 2400 pixels, the display on the A31 gifts us the same crystal clear display of the A51 (Rs. 23,999). Both run on Android v10.0, the latest after Android v9.0 (Pie). Meanwhile, the Samsung A30s runs on Android v9.0.

Those looking for a dainty phone may not be in luck. The Samsung A31 reportedly takes the height of the A30s, standing a solid 6.4 inches, but weighs 185 grams to the A30s’s 169 grams.

And though it’s one inch shorter than the A51, the A31 is a whopping 0.7 mm thicker, and for good reason.

Taking Care of Business

Be excited, folks. A step ahead of the A30s and A51 of 2019, the Samsung A31 houses a 5,000 mAh battery, allowing for up to an additional hour of talktime. Though the A31 has 15W fast charging capabilities, be cautious of how it affects battery life before plugging in.

Think about it. The Samsung Galaxy S10 of March of 2019 holds a 4,100 mAh battery. At a fraction of the price, it’s nice to have options that hold such a charge, even if that means they’re a little clunky.

Speaking of clunky, the Samsung A31 mimics the A51 and has four rear-facing cameras, officially a Quad Camera, along with a front-facing cam. That’s one more than the A30s, and at a lower initial price.

They all have names too! A Main Cam, Ultra Wide Cam, Macro Cam, and Depth Cam give users all the options.

The only model of the three to offer autofocus and LED flash, the Samsung A31 lets us wield the power of a professional photographer. And as the world changes and swirls around us, the A31 lets us capture it in endless different views.

And to hold all the shots you take, the Samsung A31 holds up to 64GB or 128GB, just like the Samsung A51. So if you’re looking for hundreds of gigs of storage on your phone, think about the A31. And with maximum 512GB SD card capabilities, you can always get on that external storage wagon.

What makes a phone feel high-tech and safe these days? For some, it’s a fingerprint sensor and face unlocking technology. It’s not just for Snapchat, kids.

Luckily, the A31 brings us both, keeping our devices safe with the latest technology, while keeping on track with higher priced models. As 5G continues to span to other countries, we’ll be glad the A31 holds its own.

Unfortunately, we can’t always come out on top. Both the A31 and A30s have 4GB RAM processing, lagging behind the A51’s 6GB.

What to Do?

What’s so great about the Samsung A31? You could ask that about any phone, and then take the time to pull apart the pieces. That could be the key to choosing any product, regardless of what it is.

For the price, the A31 embodies the quality we value in the Samsung A series. Five versatile cameras, superior battery life, and storage on par with models twice the price?

As Samsung ushers in its first 5G enabled devices, mid-tier series like the A and M series will develop by their side. With the bar inching higher, mid-tier devices start to feel luxurious.

The Samsung A31 brings the best of what we’ve seen so far, and at prices that keep us coming back for more.

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