Save Battery Life on your phone

Save Battery Life on your phone

What do we, as modern smartphone users, look for in a phone battery? How do we want it to keep up with us? So how can you Save Battery Life on your phone.

We can make sacrifices to stretch our phone battery’s life, but they may not be easy.

If you find your battery dying more quickly than you like, here are some tips to save battery life on your phone.

Think of the Battery

Thinking of the battery as a device can seem strange. But taking care of parts of something could mean it lasts.

There is a decay rate on phone batteries. Between what industry folks say to users’ experience, a phone battery decay rate could be between 20% lessened after 400 charge cycles (able to hold 80%), or 20% per 100 charge cycles.

It might be hard to tell where your battery is at in its decay, but it’s a good thing to monitor moving forward.

Like other electronic devices, batteries are sensitive. Manufacturers recommend using devices between 0°C and 35°C (32°F to 95°F) and to avoid extreme temperatures, storing between -20°C (-4°F) and 45°C (113°F) to keep the phone battery in good condition.

True or False?

I know my mother told me to let my phone battery drain to 0%, to get the most out of its charge. However, this is not the way to do it! In fact, get ready. I’m about to debunk so many myths.

It is recommended we let battery charge hover between 40-80% charged. 50% is ideal. This setup means we have to charge for less time, but more frequently throughout the day, so keep that in mind as well.

Overcharging a battery can ruin it too. Don’t let battery percentage get to 90% or above, if you can! Avoid fast charging, which stresses a battery out. Avoid overnight charging at all costs.

Battery percentage shouldn’t drop below 20%, for the same reason it shouldn’t drop to 0%. This makes the battery work harder to recharge from 0%.

Save those Pixels

The visual of a battery working hard really helps to keep in mind that we need to conserve.

What do our phones do when we aren’t on them? The truth is, a lot. And those are the key to conservation.

A phone works to illuminate the screen of the phone. When we put our phones down, the phone battery uses energy to keep the screen lit.

To Save Battery Life:

Reduce automatic screen lock time to 30 seconds or less if possible, so the phone will lock quickly when not in use.

Change or lower brightness settings. A lower brightness setting will conserve phone battery. Auto-brightness works too. Reduce brightness or manually adjust brightness so you control the battery you use.

Set a darker image as your background, so the phone will only work to illuminate colored portions of the image.

With certain phones, enable Dark Mode. iOS 13 and certain Android apps include Dark Mode to decrease screen illumination.

Consider purchasing premium versions of apps you use often. Ads require a little more illumination and data.

It makes sense that we would shut off things to stop them from using power. But I bet we rarely actually take the time to do it. Could there be a fondness we’ve developed for notifications? Or are we just lazy to go in to adjust them?

I am not sure if most people know what they get out of using the maximum battery settings on their phone. But why use them when it means more battery life? The low power or battery saver modes on our phones are designed to lower battery use overall, so we don’t have to go into apps one by one to lower them. Which we can do, by the way.

Some people get all the notifications from all their apps. It’s best to go into those apps that you don’t need notifications from, and turn off Push Notifications so they don’t use extra battery life.

Also, turn off Background Refresh for apps so they do not use battery by refreshing often in the day. Turn off their Background Refresh on apps you can refresh when you want to. So maybe take the time to go in and hush them, or delete those apps altogether.

Location services also drain battery, and can be controlled in the apps we don’t use Location for, or use often.

That’s a key to saving battery: Background. Anything chilling in the background of your phone, like your email you haven’t checked in days, calculator, anything. Use the useful part the makers put in there for you and close them when not in use.

Our battery is sneaky, performing tasks behind our backs. We need to close things we aren’t using, and be proactive about what our phone is up to.

Sadly, disabling everything to save battery is not so great for socializing. Turning off our Wi-Fi and mobile services saves battery life, as our phones don’t have to search for a source of service.

Surprisingly, Airplane Mode on our phones disables WiFi, phone service, and app refresh. Just know you really can’t use it if you’re expecting any call, email, message, or text.

Another feature to turn off is Bluetooth, which could be increasingly difficult these days. Still, with great features come great device power too.

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