Alison Eastwood Birthday!

The famous American actress, director, producer, fashion designer and model. Alison Eastwood birthday is on May 22 in the year 1972 in the city of Carmel in California. She is the daughter of the famous movie star Clint Eastwood and Maggie Johnson.

Eastwood did her schooling from Santa Catalina School in Monterey, California and later joined Stevenson school located in Pebble Beach. At the age of eighteen, she got herself enrolled at UC Santa Barbara in order to study acting but did not complete her graduation.

Eastwood and her career in acting and modelling 

Alison Eastwood Birthday
MALIBU, CA – NOVEMBER 07: Alison Eastwood birthday who attends Eastwood Ranch Foundations hosts 1st annual Fall Garden Party Animal Rescue Fundraiser at at Malibu Family Wines on November 7, 2015 in Malibu, California. (Photo by Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic)

Alison Eastwood made her film debut in the movie Bronco Billy which released in the year 1980. Only at the mere age of seven but her presence went largely unnoticed and she did not receive her due credit. She went on to act in another Hollywood movie Tightrope at the age of eleven which released four years later to her debut movie in 1984.

Her modelling career hit the magazines with her working as a runway and magazine model in Paris. She then went on to pose for a plethora of European fashion magazines and also for U.S. edition of Vogue which was major for her career. In the year 2003, she went bold and posed nude for the famous playboy magazine for the February edition of the year. She went back to appearing on the silver screen post her stints in modelling and appeared in movies.

Some of Alison Eastwood’s film credits include Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil which hit the screens in the year 1997. Just a little harmless sex which released the following year in 1998, Black and White which reached the audience in the year 1999. If you only knew which released the subsequent year in 2000, Power Play which hit the screens in the year 2002, Poolhall Junkies which released in 2003. I’ll be seeing you which released in the year to follow in 2004 and Once Fallen which hit the screens in the year 2010. She then went on a break from acting and only resumed with the movie The Mule which she was last seen in during its release in the year 2018.

Eastwood has also appeared on the small screen apart from the silver screens. She had appeared on the television program Animal Intervention which used to be telecast on Nat Geo Wild. She also came to be featured as one of the sculptor’s romantic interest and girlfriend on the reality TV series Chainsaw Gang. Interestingly enough, the sculptor in the series is Stacy Poitras, whom she happened to marry on March 15 in the year 2013.

From Acting to Directing

Apart from acting, Eastwood had made her directorial debut back in the year 2007 with the movie Rails & Tyes which released in the year 2007. And starred Marcia Gay Harden and Kevin Bacon. The story revolved around a young boy whose mentally ill mother happens to commit suicide in her car by parking it on a railroad track. The boy then escapes his unkind foster mother and happens to cross paths with the train engineer and his wife who had accidentally killed his mother. He urges them to raise him up which the two agree to but the wife is later portrayed to be dying of breast cancer.

Eastwood then went on to direct her second movie and the romantic drama genre film Battlecreek which released in the year 2017. The movie starred Claire Van Der Boom, Bill Skarsgard and Paula Malcomson in the lead roles. The plot of the movie revolved around a young man Henry Pearl who happens to acquire a rare skin disease. Which forces him to avoid sunlight as it results him into getting severe skin burns when exposed to the sun. This leads to him being awake mostly at nights. In one of those nights, he crosses path with a mysterious woman named Alison whose car breaks down mid way. And soon romance starts to brew between the two. The two together go on a roller coaster ride of love, heartbreak, revelation of past secrets, physical and emotional separation and finally reunion.

Apart from her acting and directing careers, Alison Eastwood also has stepped into business and runs her own clothing line named Eastwood Ranch Apparel. She also undertakes social work in order to contribute back to the society and serves to be the founder of the Eastwood Ranch Foundation. Which is a non-profit organization which works towards animal welfare.

Alison Eastwood has also had her hand in singing and has recorded a cover of the song “Come Rain or Come Shine”. She performs a part of this very song in her movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The song has been included in the movie’s soundtracks list.

Wishing Alison Eastwood a very happy birthday!

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