Samsung air conditioners Price 2020

Samsung Air Conditioners:

About Samsung :

Samsung is a 82 years old South-Korean trading company founded by Lee Byung-Chull in 1938; meaning of this Korean word ‘Samsung’ is ‘three stars’. And is currently dealing in various electronic gadgets like mobiles, refrigerators, AC etc. Here, we’ll emphasize on Samsung window ac, split ac, inverter ac 1.5 ton, price in India etc.

It had entered in electronics industry in late 1960’s and construction and ship building industry in mid 1970. Samsung comprises around 80 companies. It is highly diversified, with activities including consumer electronics, financial services, construction, ship building, medical services.
It also donates around US $100 per annum to the Samsung medical center a non profit healthcare provider which was found in the year 1994.

Lee Byung-Chull:

Lee Byung-Chull was born on 10th February 1910 and died in late 1980’s that is on 19th November 1987. He was the south Korean businessman. He was the founder of this very successful multinational company Samsung.
And, Lee Kun-hee was the chairman of Samsung Lee Jae-young was the vice chairman of the same.

Air Conditioners :

Air conditioners I once considered under the luxury products But today it has made its please in nearly every middle class house.

In last decade need of the air conditioners has increased a lot due to the excessive increase in the temperature because of global warming.The elders in some homes still say that the air conditioner is not good for help and in their times they do not have air conditioners, and they can still cope up with the summers but On the contrary at their times there was not the population like today and there used to be a lot more green trees then today the pollution level was also very less.

And so the global warming was not such a big issue at that time but in today’s time the temperature rise 245 degree is a very common thing such a high temperature Is not at all pleasant and so the need of air conditioner is there for everybody who is living in Such a hot climate.

Samsung’s Air Conditioners:

It has a very wide range of electronics. It also have a very wide range of air conditioners. Generally, there are two types of the air conditioners one is what we call it as a window ac and the other one we call it as the split air conditioners, Samsung has various price ranges for both of them .

Samsung window ac is generally fitted in the windows and do not have any separate outer unit they require less space than the split air conditioner and are less in price also.

Whereas, On the contrary the split air conditioners are fitted on the walls and split air conditioners also have a additional outdoor unit which exhales out all the hot air from the room And the indoor unit throws the cool air.
The company has a very smart range of air conditioners its air conditioners have various features including auto cut on a certain temperature, Or six sense Feature that checks the normal room temperature and accordingly makes the room cool.

Here, the air conditioners at Samsung are designed to be outstandingly efficient. It’s air conditioners also have a unique triangular design which makes it different from other brands air conditioners.

The triangular structure all the air conditioners Allows the outlet with wider coverage of width and angle. Samsung also provide its air conditioners with uniquely made V shaped blades of air conditioners which Helps in spreading the air farther and wider Which helps in quick cooling of the room.

Samsung also has a range of convection air conditions which can be used as an air conditioner to cool the area in summers and can also provides with the warmer air which can be used in winters as a heater.

Samsung Price Range:

Samsung AC Price
Samsung AC Price

The price range of Samsung window ac ranges Between Rs.25,000-35,000 in India. In India the price of the Samsung ac depends on it’s model and its features such as 1 ton, 1.5 ton window, split, inverter ac the more latest technology the device have the more it costs.
The price range of the Samsung split air conditioners ranges between rupees 25,000-50,000 And same as the split air conditioners the price of the window air conditioners also ranges from model to model due to its features, size and configuration.
There are two models of 1.5 ton of split ac by Samsung the First model is 3 star Split air conditioner whose price is Rs.25,990 and the other model Off 1.5 tonnes is 1 star split air conditioner Worth rupees 29,999.

Now-a-days the latest technology in air conditioners are those which have the inbuilt inverter system. Previously people have to get a stabilizer along with their air conditioners so that the fluctuation of the electricity would not cause any harm to their air conditioner as the fluctuation in the electricity leads to the sudden turning off of the air conditioners Bing which causes harm to the air Conditioner.

So the inbuilt inverter technology in air conditioners is the latest technology of their world.
And just like the other companies Samsung has also brought up there range off latest inverter air conditioners into the market. The range of inverter air conditioners by Samsung ranges from above 30,000 even uptown 40,000.

Eventually, I would like to conclude by saying that Samsung has one of the best range in the air conditioners in today’s market.

Samsung AC Price List in India 2020

Samsung AC Model Name Price
Samsung 1.5 Ton 3 Star AR18RV3HFWK Split AC Rs. 39,985/-
Samsung 1 Ton 3 Star AR12RV3HFWK Split AC Rs. 37,100/-
Samsung 1 Ton 3 Star AR12RV3HFTY Split AC Rs. 36,200/-
Samsung 1.5 Ton 3 Star AR18RV3JFMC Inverter Split AC Rs. 44,451/-
Samsung 1.5 Ton 3 Star AR18NV3XEWK Inverter Split AC Rs. 51,999/-
Samsung 1.5 Ton 3 Star AR18RV3PAWK Split AC Rs. 46,926/-
Samsung 1 Ton 5 Star AR12NV5PAWK Inverter Split AC Rs. 39,999/-
Samsung 1 Ton 3 Star AR12NV3HEWK Inverter Split AC Rs. 32,999/-
Samsung 1 Ton 3 Star AR12NV3HLTR Inverter Split AC Rs. 33,999/-
Samsung 1 Ton 3 Star AR12NV3XEWK Inverter Split AC Rs. 39,999/-

Samsung Ac Price List – Latest 

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